AUSTRALIA - rising flood waters stranded 500 people… The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting more heavy rain… high alert for severe weather and flooding. Local rivers are already at their peak. Many roads and bridges are underwater and the town of Bellingen is already cut off by floodwaters. In some affected areas, records are expected to be set for rainfall. "I think those will go pretty close to all-time records."

HAWAII - Rains drenched windward Oahu causing flooding and a landslide on Johnson Road. The Punaluu Pump rain gauge reported 5.65 inches of rain between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. Nearly three and a half inches fell in the three hours between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. alone.

BOLIVIA, BRAZIL, ECUADOR - Flooding imperils thousands. Continuous floods fed by heavy rains … affected more than 250,000 people …. across Bolivia. The Ecuadorian coast is almost under water, roads are flooded, and electricity and telephone services are out of service. Weather forecasters warn that heavy rains will continue…

PERU - Torrential rainfall has inundated 3,700 hectares of rice and banana cultivation, as it caused rivers in Tumbes to overflow their banks.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - The flooding in the Dei district had devastated five villages, forcing people to flee to higher ground.

NAMIBIA - one of Africa's driest countries, has been ravaged by floods following UNPRECEDENTED heavy rains that have fallen countrywide since the beginning of the year. Damage to the town's infrastructure is estimated at R50-million. PAKISTAN - At least 15 people were killed after their coach was swept off by a landslide triggered by heavy rain in Pakistan's North West frontier province on Sunday.

PHILIPPINES - There's a renewed fear of more landslides in the Philippines, prompting authorities to order a quick survey of endangered communities. A small landslide hit Friday in the central Philippines where an earlier landslide wiped out an entire village. No one was hurt, but officials are worried about heavy rain causing more landslides.

CALIFORNIA - A winter storm brought rain and wind … Officials say flooding is possible … The storms are expected to bring up to 5 inches of rain to the area.

TEXAS - It rained and rained and rained some more, …

ALGERIA - Tens of thousands of people need urgent help after torrential rains have flooded their refugee camps in south-west Algeria, leaving them without shelter and short of food.

FLORIDA - A violent stream of thunderstorms is pounding parts of central Pinellas County, causing a roof collapse at a St. Petersburg store and widespread flooding. The sudden flooding hit with up to 12 inches of rain reported in the Pinellas Park area.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - At least 15,000 people are completely cut off from any road links to the Lae-Bulolo/Wau Highway since heavy rains and landslide buried 13 people alive.

Imagine the thoughts going through the heads of those who didn’t enter the ark.

CONSIDER: The relentless torrential rainstorms,.. the gushing up of the earth’s bowels with water.

People must have been crying out, HELP! HELP! HELP! Grasping for air and anything they could hold onto to stay above the water. Their children drowned right before their very eyes, husbands were torn from their wives, friends vanish under the engulfing waters; personal belongings were washed away by great torrents of water. How foolish it was to stay out of the ark!