Several years ago, I used to visit a nursing home near central El Paso. There was one ornery lady who would growl like a tiger. She was mean! It was clear that she was sick in her mind. Along with others, I would constantly pray for her deliverance. But she would push our hands away from her head as we prayed for her. Obviously she wasn't getting any better.

One warm afternoon--I'll never forget it--I sat across from her, separated by a long table, and this time I said to the demon bothering her, loudly enough so that she and the demon could hear but softly so as not to make a scene, "I command you, foul spirit, to come out of her."

She glared into my eyes, sulked...and said nothing! Before I walked away, I said, peering into her lifeless eyes, "Satan, this will be the last time that I will address you concerning this woman. I said that you had to leave, and you'll obey me. As far as I'm concerned, you're gone!" Then I left.

The following week as I was walking into the nursing home, the first person to catch my eye was this woman. Recognizing me, she lifted her hand high and said in Spanish, "I'm free! I'm totally free!"

Wow! We rejoiced in the Lord and had a wonderful time praising God. She stayed free and became one of the most active members of our group.