A Brief Biography of Karl Marx

Back in the 1800’s there was a young man who had a profound sense of admiration for his father. His father saw to it that the life of the family revolved around the religious practices of their faith. In his teen years, however, the boy’s family was forced to move to another town in Germany. The life of the community revolved around the Lutheran church; all the best people belonged to it. Suddenly, the father announced to the family that they were going to abandon their Jewish traditions and join the Lutheran church. When the stunned family asked why, they father explained that it would be good for his business. The youngster was bewildered and confused. His deep disappointment soon gave way to anger and a kind of intense bitterness that plagued him through his life. ("Developing the Leader Within You" by John Maxwell)

He became a parasite on society, a heavy drinker, an adulterer (he never even went to his wife’s funeral) and two of his children committed suicide. He himself died bankrupt and in despair.

He accomplished nothing of any lasting significance with his life… except for one book that he wrote. It was entitled “Das Kapital”. In it he declared that “religion is the opiate of the people”.

Can anyone guess who this man was?

He was Karl Marx. And his book “Das Kapital” became the foundation of communism, and led to the destruction of 1000s of lives.

From a sermon by Jeff Strite, All My Family Needs is Church, 5/31/2010