When General Douglas MacArthur was at Army training college, he tells this story:

"The first section was studying the time-space relationship later formulated by Einstein as his Theory of Relativity. The text was complex and, being unable to comprehend it, I committed the pages to memory.

"When I was called upon to recite, I solemnly reeled off almost word for word what the book said. Our instructor, Colonel Fieberger, looked at me somewhat quizzically and asked, 'Do you understand this theory?'

"It was a bad moment for me, but I did not hesitate in replying, 'No, sir.' You could have heard a pin drop. I braced myself and waited.

"And then the slow words of the professor: 'Neither do I, Mr. MacArthur. Section dismissed.'"

--Gen. Douglas MacArthur in Reminiscences, recalling a stratagem he carried out while at West Point.