A soldier in the heat of battle had his gun jam on him. The enemy was charging straight for him and he was defenseless, desperate! For some unknown reason he pointed his finger at the man and said "Bangedy bang" and the guy fell down dead. He looked at his hand and thought, wow! Another man charged him and again, bangedy bang, dead. He couldn’t believe this could be!

Then a whole group turned toward him. He just pretended he had a bazooka and said, "Boomedy boom." They all collapsed. He was ecstatic!

Another soldier just slowly strolled toward him. Bangedy bang! No result...he just kept coming. Boomedy boom! No change. They guy calmly and smoothly kept coming toward him, and it was obvious he was saying something, but he couldn’t make it out until he got right up on him...he rolled right over him saying, "Tankety tank, tankety tank!"

(From a sermon by Jerry Shirley, Swing Wide the Gates! 9/3/2010)