There was a tragedy in Florida. I’m not sure if the baby BURMESE PYTHON came with a warning. If not, it should have. The Oxford, Florida family that brought the serpent home as a pet would live to regret allowing such a creature in the house.

The snake, now 12 feet long, broke out of the glass aquarium during the night. It silently slithered into the bedroom of a 2-year old girl, wrapped itself around her defenseless body, and strangled her to death, a horrible, yet entirely preventable tragedy.

I want to tell you that Satan that old serpent works tirelessly to get us to believe that allowing him in the house is no real danger. After all, we know how to restrain him behind the "aquarium glass." We know how to control him. But can I tell you that a snake is a snake.

(From a sermon by Dennis Davidson, When Jesus Was Tempted, 10/25/2010)