Imagine the following scenario: Three little boys walk into a large electrical compound in Okinawa when the workmen momentarily walks to his truck to get some tools. One of those boys touches a live wire and is instantly electrocuted to death.

The parents are beside themselves with grief. They had never sought God in their lives, but one thing they did know about God was that little ones, like their dead son, before the age of accountability go to heaven. For the first time in their lives, this dad and mom sought the Lord, which culminated a month later in their salvation.

That little boy was my older brother and I was one of those three boys. Because of my brother’s death, my parents came to faith in Christ and later became missionaries after retiring from the Air Force. God used my parents to reach hundreds of military members in churches they served in in Okinawa, Puerto Rico, Panama, and mainland Japan. The end result of one tragic, sad, horrible PHYSICAL DEATH led to hundreds coming to ETERNAL LIFE.

I remember Dad saying once, "I would have never come to Christ if he hadn't taken my son." This is an illustration of God bringing good out of tragic suffering.