A little over a week ago I made a pilgrimage over to Wally Mart – I’m sure to get something for dinner. Anyway, while getting out of the car, I noticed that the car in front of me had in it a small child – a baby, sitting in his or her car seat, sleeping away. All the while the baby’s mother (or father) was nowhere in sight – most probably in the store.

All I could do at the time was cry in my spirit and shake my head. I wondered why a loving parent would turn their back – seemingly abandoning that tiny little baby – even if only for a matter of minutes. I have to admit, I was neglectful.

As a loving parent I should have called 911, flagged down an officer, or something. Still, I must admit; I sinned — because I did not do these things my heart my was crying for me to do. I felt like I spiritually abandoned that child, driving off with my own in our van for home, only lamenting over my own sin.