In the book, Jesus Freaks, is the story of the Hine family. They lived in Cambodia during the Vietnam War. At that time it was very dangerous to be Christian in Cambodia. They were arrested one day for being Christians and thus enemies of the revolution and bad blood.

One morning the whole Hine family--father, mother and children--were brought out and made to dig their own graves. Before they were shot the soldiers gave them the permission to kneel and pray. Hine, the father, even prayed for the soldiers as the family held hands. Just then one of Hine’s young sons, so terrified and frightened in the face of his death, bolted off and ran into the woods. Hine, the father, kept his composure and asked the soldiers not to chase after him. He said, "I’ll call him back."

And so he called out to his son in the woods and he said, "Son, what possible good can there be of you living a few hours as a fugitive in the woods when you can come and die with your family and be free forever in paradise?"

Unbelievably, that young boy with tears in his eyes came walking back out of the woods, knelt with his family and prayed before being shot.