As you and I well know, there are so many times when the circumstances around us are not peaceful. There is tension and turmoil that is so unsettling.

It reminds me of the chicken that fell out of the chicken truck a few years ago. I pulled into the church driveway one Monday and noticed a chicken sitting on the white line of the highway, just above our mailbox. I felt sorry for him.

So I went up to the bird, and soon found he had been wounded, one eye clawed out and one wing severely injured. He wanted no part of me, and seemed content to just sit on the white line. Well, I knew one false move in the wrong direction and that chicken would be minced chicken, flattened by a vehicle coming down the road. So after some effort I finally got him moved several feet into the grass. I even took him some food (potato chips), trying to entice him further away from the highway.

Eventually he did move, and I found him by our information mailbox the next day, some distance away for a wounded chicken. He had died, but I hope he had finally found a few moments of peace in what must have been a tumultuous life for a chicken.

You know many of us never want to get out of the daily grind ... the busy traffic of our schedules and activities and jobs and people. We want to stay on the "white line" amidst the traffic, where there is no peace. We have no clue what God means when He says: "Be still and know that I am God." Why not seek God's guidance into peace now?