Our staff recently started a new ministry to our church family by offering "gluten-free" bread for the Lord's Supper. It has been very successful and our staff has received a lot of affirmation because of this ministry. However, we didn't start off very well.......thanks to the Senior Pastor!

The first Sunday I introduced the new approach to our time of Communion, I made a horrible blooper that our people will never let me forget. I said, "Before we take the Lord’s Supper today, remember that we have tables at the front with our staff behind them to pray for you or minister to you as you come to the altar. And, today, for the first time, we are offering a very special ministry to our church family. On the far left, there is a "GLUTTON-FREE" table for those of you who have need of that!"

I could have died. I wanted to be like Elijah and disappear into a whirlwind.