How would you like to have the NFL as your moral compass? Last week, we were hammered by reports about Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and how the NFL was responding (or not responding) to the allegations of abuse. Tabloids, Social Media, and ESPN have been overloaded with their stories and many others that have surfaced in recent days. So how has the NFL responded? Are they the beacon of fairness the media and social activists think they should be? Looking deeper, you’ll see a number of inconsistencies. For example, a player for the 49ers is currently accused of spousal abuse and still playing, yet one of their commentators has been suspended for 2 games for mentioning his feelings about Ray Rice and his wife. Where is the reasoning? The honest truth is that we can’t look for any reason in something that is driven by something other than Christ....we shouldn’t look to a worldly organization to be our moral compass.