Sermon Series
  • 1. Come Holy Spirit

    Contributed on Sep 6, 2013

    Acts is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke. Luke's 1st letter describes the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This being his 2nd letter, he describes the beginnings of the church after Jesus ascends to heaven and sends the Holy Spirit

  • 2. The Beginning

    Contributed on Sep 13, 2013

    The Church of Jesus Christ is probably one the longest lasting institutions in the history of mankind. over the next few weeks we get to be a part of it's beginning and hopefully find a way to bring that kind of excitement and power into the church today

  • 3. The Real Enemies

    Contributed on Sep 19, 2013

    We begin chapter 4 by seeing that the real enemies of Christ show up to put a stop to what Peter and John are saying. They’re kind of OK with the healing, but they are not OK with whom they are giving credit to for the healing

  • 4. Don't Lie

    Contributed on Sep 26, 2013

    Do we hate what God hates, do we love what God loves, do we want what God wants? That’s the question today, please take time to consider it in your own heart.

  • 5. Nothing Can Stop Us

    Contributed on Oct 4, 2013
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    Have you ever thought, “There’s got to be more to being a Christian than this?" Apparently there can be, and by studying the book of Acts, hopefully we can learn how to get more out of our Christian life.

  • 6. Leaders & Martyrs

    Contributed on Oct 11, 2013

    For the first few chapters of Acts we have heard about the beginnings and growth of the early church in Jerusalem after Pentecost. Now we start to see some of the growing pains and the spread of the church over the next several chapters.

  • 7. Leaders & Martyrs

    Contributed on Oct 25, 2013

    We have gotten so used to novelty in the church that a common response to this theme, was a rather sympathetic gesture inferring, “What, have you run out of good ideas?” Preaching and prayer just don’t seem that innovative and frankly to many, are the boring part of church.

  • 8. Thankfulness In The Face Of Trouble

    Contributed on Oct 25, 2013

    Stephen has just been stoned, Saul is ravaging the church, and many believers are going to rancid prisons getting beaten and fighting off the rats, just because they love Jesus. is the basis for my Thanksgiving sermon. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Bear with me.

  • 9. Can God Use You?

    Contributed on Oct 31, 2013

    Some of you will walk away today completely untouched or even offended by what you heard, others will be positively convicted. Either way you and I need to make a decision about how we want to be used. Like Saul, or like Paul?

  • 10. Perplexed Peter

    Contributed on Nov 8, 2013

    I want to start today by reading the eighth verse of Acts chapter 1. The disciples were listening to Jesus just before he was about to ascend into heaven. No doubt eager Peter was up at the front when Jesus gives his great commission.

  • 11. Membership Not Required

    Contributed on Nov 21, 2013

    We may not say there are membership requirements to be a Christian in our churches, but does our behaviour say otherwise? Membership requirements don’t have to be verbally stated, they can be communicated with a look, with avoidance, and so on.

  • 12. "The Church Goes Viral"

    Contributed on Nov 29, 2013

    I want to make the illustration of what it means to go viral on the internet. This happens all the time because people of our generation practically live on the web. As we continue in Acts chapter 11 we see that the church had already grown very rapidly.