Sermon Series
  • 1. The Glory Of God

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021

    What is the glory of God? It is basically those aspects of God's Character and power, that we can see. Contrary to the idea that all we know of God we must take by faith, the Bible says there is much that we can see of God's glory.

    The heavens declare the glory of God, and that is why the study of astronomy is so fascinating. It is constantly confirming what God has revealed in His word. Many Christians look at God's revelation of the heavenly city and conclude that it must be symbolical and not literal. A fourteen more

  • 2. The Knowledge Of God

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021

    Paul longed to know Christ and the power of his resurrection. The two go together. In the knowledge of God and of Christ is the power to be and become all that we should be.

    Columbus was on his fourth voyage in 1504. His ships were grounded in St. Ann's Bay in Jamaica, and the natives revolted and refused to supply the Spaniard with food. There seemed to be no way of escaping the agonies of starvation. Columbus was looking at the almanac, and he learned that a more

  • 3. God Is Holy

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021
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    So when the Bible goes from holy is the Lord, to holy holy is the Lord, to holy holy holy is the Lord, it has reached the level of the ultimate in holiness.

    Most speeches and sermons have three parts to them. There is the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Often they have three points in the body as well. Then there is another three fold factor involved. There is the message as written; then the message as delivered, and third what the more

  • 4. God Is Light

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021

    God is light. Nothing stronger can be said. This is as far as human language can go in relating God and light. God is light. Light is of the very essence of God's nature.

    The Emperor Trajan said to Rabbi Joshua, "You teach that your God is everywhere. I should like to see Him." The Rabbi replied, "God's presence is everywhere, but He cannot be seen. No mortal eye can behold His glory." The Emperor insisted, however, and so the Rabbi said, more

  • 5. God Is Love

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021

    The implications of these three words are so vast that one message on them is like trying to harvest a million acres of corn with a comb. There is no way to get all of the infinite riches they contain, but we will at least get a taste of what this love is

    Tolstoy wrote a story called "Where Love Is, God Is." It is about an old cobbler named Martin who lived alone. One night as he read the story of Jesus visiting the Pharisee, and the poor welcome he received, he prayed that the Lord would visit him. In his sleep he heard a voice saying, more

  • 6. God Is Merciful

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021

    The Christian life is to be a life of mercy. We are to have compassion on people who are lost, and in mercy share the light that leads out of darkness into life. We are to have compassion concerning every human need.

    In 1867 a bearded Norwegian named Lars Skrefsrud, and a Danish colleague found two and a half million people called the Santals living in a region north of Calcutta, India. He quickly learned their language and began to proclaim the Gospel. To his utter amazement the Santals were expecting just more

  • 7. . God Is Omniscient

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021

    God can see the future when we do His will, and He can see the future where we do not do His will. He can see the future where His name is honored through us, and the one where it is not.

    Dr. Harold Bryson tells of the two boys who went to their pastor to request his advice on what they could do to help people. The pastor told them of a blind man who would love to have someone come and read the Bible to him. The man was delighted when the boys came and told him of their plan. more

  • 8. . God Is Our Friend

    Contributed on Mar 10, 2021

    The world is full of people angry at God for allowing so much evil, and it puts a strain on our conviction that God is really a caring friend.

    Martin Luther spent a major portion of his life looking for a God who liked him. He was devoutly religious from his childhood, but religion was more a burden than a blessing, for his God was not his friend. He knew God hated sin and demanded perfection and so he was obsessed with trying to be more

  • 9. Our God Is An Awesome God

    Contributed on Mar 10, 2021

    This Psalm we are looking at doesn't even soar into space. It stops earth bound, and still it deals with a God who is truly awesome. He is awesome, not because of His creation and what He has done, but because of His character, and what He is.

    Everett Fullam was in Libera in 1969 when the two Americans, Armstrong and Aldin walked on the moon. He told the Gheo tribe chief this was happening, and the old man looked up to the moon and said, "There's nobody up there." He sounded angry and added, "Besides, that is not big more

  • 10. God Is Omnipotent Part 1

    Contributed on Mar 10, 2021

    God had the power to win, and His omnipotence is established forever. He can do anything that He wills to do. Thank God there is much He does not will to do, and thank God He is not compelled by His power to do anything contrary to His nature.

    Alfred North Whitehead, one of the philosophical giants of the 20th century, said, "The glorification of power has broken more hearts than it has healed." He warns against the glorifying of even God's power. For the abuse of power all through history makes this attribute produce more

  • 11. God In Omnipotent Part 2

    Contributed on Mar 10, 2021

    If God has really created beings who can choose, then there is a multiplicity of power sources in the world. He can no longer then be the only cause for all that is. There are now other power sources who can cause things to be that He does not will to be.

    It is a great paradox, but the fact is, the real test of omnipotence is what it can do when it limits itself, and gives up absolute and total control. Absolute and total control means the power is not shared with other being. All is just as you will, and there can be no freedom of choice made by more