Sermon Series
  • 1. The Foundation For Marriage

    Contributed on Jan 14, 2006
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    First in series on marriage. Examines the biblical basis for marriage.

    THE FOUNDATION FOR MARRIAGE (Marriage 1) I read the other day, about an 83 year old man who had lived his entire life as a bachelor. One day the man gathered his 4 nephews and announced that he was planning to get married. His nephews were in shock. One spoke up and said, “Uncle, are you more

  • 2. Becoming The Man Of Your Wife's Dreams

    Contributed on Jan 18, 2006
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    Part 2 in series on family. Examines qualities of a good husband.

    BECOMING THE MAN OF YOUR WIFE’S DREAMS 2 Guitars tuned to each other can both be out of tune, even if they sound just alike. But 2 guitars tuned to the same pipe or to the same tuning fork will both be in tune. So last week as we began this series on marriage and the home, we saw that the more

  • 3. Becoming The Woman Of Your Husband's Dreams

    Contributed on Jan 25, 2006
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    Steps to becoming the woman of your husband’s dreams.

    HOW TO BECOME THE WOMAN OF YOUR HUSBAND’S DREAMS Ephesians 5:22-24 INTRODUCTION Ladies, this morning I would like to share with you, how to become the woman of your husband’s dreams, how to protect your marriage from the “Other Woman.” Now, for the past 2 weeks I have about marriage. The more

  • 4. Parenting 101

    Contributed on Feb 3, 2006
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    Basics of being a good parent.

    PARENTING 101 The other night, I sat down to watch a little TV and unwind before bed time. Just as I sat down, Drew started climbing on me and asking me to wrestle with him, like he does almost every night. Let me tell you, I was tired. It had been a long day, and all I wanted to do was to more

  • 5. Getting Along With Your Parents

    Contributed on Feb 6, 2006
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    Children’s responsibility in the home.

    INTRODUCTION You know, God pretty well has this old world figured out. The Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” If we were to continue to read through the remainder of Genesis chapter 1 we would find that God created the planets, the stars, the dry ground, the more

  • 6. Restoring The Romance

    Contributed on Feb 14, 2006
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    Applies Jesus’ steps to returning to the church’s first love, to marriage. Suitable for Valentine’s Day.

    RESTORING THE ROMANCE (Marriage 5) Well, why don’t you treat me like you used to do? How come you treat me like a worn out shoe? My hair’s still curly and my eyes are still blue. Why don’t you love me like you used to do? Why don’t you spark me like you used to do? And say sweet nothings more

  • 7. Returning To Your First Love

    Contributed on Feb 17, 2006
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    Examines why we do what we do in the church, ie. the heart behind the actions.

    RETURNING TO YOUR FIRST LOVE In a speech before parliament, the 18th century British statesman, Edmund Burke said, “Very seldom does a man take one giant step from a life of virtue & goodness into a life of vice and corruption. Usually, he begins his journey into evil by taking little steps more

  • 8. Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open

    Contributed on Feb 21, 2006
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    A compilation of verses from Proverbs addressing the importance of communication in the home.

    KEEPING THE LINES OF COMMUNICATION OPEN The story is told of a couple who lived in upstate New York, who decided to move to Florida to get away from the cold weather. The husband left a bit early and drove down with their stuff while the wife was finishing up things in New York. When he more

  • 9. How To Keep Finances From Fizzling The Flame

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2006
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    8th in series on marriage. Topical sermon on money in marriage.

    HOW TO KEEP FINANCES FROM FIZZLING THE FLAME Howard Dayton said, in a report released in 1986, that at the time, 56% of all divorces were a result of financial tension in the home. (Howard Dayton, Homemade, June 1986) Let’s face it, how we handle money makes a great impact on our home life, on more