Sermon Series
  • 1. Supremacy Of Christ

    Contributed on Apr 6, 2008
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    Giving Christ the supreme position in our lives is a decision we make. Paul opens his letter to the Colossian church with a reminder that he was sent by God.

    Introduction: I. I have a friend, a co-worker to be more specific, who comes from an American Indian heritage. A. He is actually quite proud of his background, B. In talking with him about Christ, I also discovered that he claims Christ as his savior. 1. Sounds good right. 2. That more

  • 2. Continue The Journey

    Contributed on May 7, 2008

    There are a lot of "religions" and "belief" systems that sound pretty convincing. But when you have been planted properly, why even consider them, just "Continue the Journey."

    Introduction I. Maybe you have recently read a book or article about so-called “near death” experiences. A. I admit, I really haven’t read a complete book or even an article on the subject, but I know that there are many out there. B. I have heard people relate their “experience” on more