Sermon Series
  • 1. The Two Most Sacred Words In The American Religion Of Materialism

    Contributed on Jan 15, 2001
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    Evaluation of our desire to "Charge it!" and God’s instruction toward choosing contentment.

    Introduction: In the American religion of materialism, there are two words more sacred than any other: "Charge it!" - Yet, consider the following two scenarios in evaluating the intelligence of using plastic: 1. Ellin is 30 years old. She has a $3,500 balance on her Citibank credit card more

  • 2. Does Your Giving Stop At Nothing?

    Contributed on Jan 15, 2001
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    Analysis of why people don’t give and reasons for giving.

    Introduction: - A Barna research study back in April 2000 found that only 8% of born-again Christians give 10% of their income or more. - We’ve obviously got a lot of work ahead of us this morning. Three questions about your attitude toward giving: 1. Who owns your money? - "That’s more

  • 3. Making A Living Or Making A Life?

    Contributed on Jan 15, 2001
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    A call to pursue God instead of money and possessions.

    Introduction: - Jesus talked a lot about money. In fact, 16 of the 38 parables He gave are about money or possessions. Out of all the important issues needing addressed, almost half of His parables speak to the issue of money and possessions. Move #1: Most people would say, "I really more