Sermon Series
  • 1. Standing Alone In The Gap

    Contributed on Jul 2, 2012

    In this first lesson we are introduced to Elijah and to what was taking place when God called him.

    Introduction: A. On Friday, this past week, I was still working out at Camp Hunt, and I sent Mike a text message with the title and text for today’s sermon: “Standing Alone in the Gap.” 1. Mike quickly texted me back: “Is the sermon about shopping alone at the Gap for more

  • 2. Boot Camp For Elijah

    Contributed on Jul 11, 2012

    In this second lesson in the series, we look at what Elijah learned at the brook Cherith.

    Introduction: A. During mail call at a Marine Corps boot camp, a young recruit received several letters from home. 1. The drill instructor was getting irritated at having to keep calling his name. 2. The drill instructor barked “You must have a lot of people at home who like you, more

  • 3. Advanced Training At Zarephath

    Contributed on Jul 16, 2012

    Elijah is challenged to put his faith in God by what he faced at Zarephath. God used these experiences to further prepare Elijah for his future ministry.

    Introduction: A. The story is told of a man who was walking across the road when he was hit by a car. 1. The impact knocked him on his head which caused him to be in a coma for a couple of days before he finally regained consciousness. 2. When he opened his eyes, his loving wife was there more

  • 4. Showdown On Mount Carmet

    Contributed on Jul 23, 2012
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    In this lesson, we see Elijah stand all alone against the prophets of Baal and Asherah. We learn many things from Elijah's example, including the difference one person can make.

    Introduction: A. The story is told of a man who was solo skydiving for the very first time. 1. He had taken all the lessons and now it was time for his first solo jump. 2. He leapt out of the plane and as he was falling he panicked and couldn’t remember how to open his parachute. 3. As more

  • 5. The Roller Coaster Of Life

    Contributed on Aug 6, 2012

    This sermon is a case study in the causes and cures of depression. Elijah is depressed and God knows how to help him out of that dark place.

    Introduction: A. The story is told of a depressed man who was sitting at a bar just looking at his drink. 1. He stayed like that for half an hour. 2. Suddenly, a big, mean-looking man stepped next to him, took the drink from the guy, and just drank it all down. 3. This caused the depressed more

  • 6. When God's Patience Runs Out

    Contributed on Aug 6, 2012
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    In this part of the story of Elijah, God sends him to tell Ahab that God's patience had run out with the king and his wife. God has great compassion and patience, but He is also just and His patience does run out.

    Introduction: A. I like the story told about the teacher who was helping one of her kindergarten students put on his boots. 1. She pulled and he pushed, but the boots still didn’t want to go on. 2. When the second boot was finally on, she had worked up a sweat. 3. She almost whimpered more

  • 7. Trusting In God Alone

    Contributed on Aug 13, 2012
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    King Ahaziah learns the hard way that seeking help from any other god than the Living God is not a good idea. We must put our trust in the Lord alone, and we must never seek help from occult sources or any other source.

    Introduction: A. The story is told of a frog who went to see a fortune-teller to learn about his future. 1. Gazing into her crystal ball, the fortune teller said to the frog, “You are going to meet a beautiful young woman. From the moment she sets eyes on you she will have an insatiable more

  • 8. The Grand Finale

    Contributed on Aug 19, 2012

    In this last sermon in our series, we witness Elijah's exciting exit and learn some things about how to face the end of our own lives.

    Introduction: A. You all know what a “grand finale” is, right? 1. The grand finale is the very exciting or impressive ending of a performance or a show. 2. Well, I guess someone in rural Arkansas didn’t know the meaning of the phrase. 3. Some of our relatives attended a 4th more