Sermon Series
  • 1. The Truth Of The Trinity

    Contributed on Jan 22, 2008

    This sermon is the first of three that explores the amazing truth of God being one and yet three

    2 CORINTHIANS CH 13 V 14 INTRODUCTION ‘While our friends from India travelled around California on business, they left their 11 year-old daughter with us. Curious about my going to church one Sunday morning, she decided to come along. When we returned home, my husband asked her what she more

  • 2. The Trinity And Salvation

    Contributed on Jan 22, 2008
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    This second message of the Trinity explores the united work of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in salvation

    2 CORINTHIANS CH 13 V 14 INTRODUCTION The story’s told of a beggar who stopped a lawyer on the street in a large American city and asked him for a quarter. Taking a long, hard look into the man’s unshaven face, the lawyers asked, ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’ It turned out that the two more

  • 3. The Trinity And Prayer

    Contributed on Jan 22, 2008

    This is the third and final sermon that looks at the Trinity and prayer

    2 CORINTHIANS CH 13 V 14 INTRODUCTION Astronomer Percival Lowell who died in 1916 spent some 15 years looking at Mars and sketching what he saw as a complex network of fine lines connecting the polar caps with a number of darker areas. He maintained that that these lines were canals built by more