Sermon Series
  • 1. I Heart New York

    Contributed on Oct 15, 2009

    We examine Christ’s command to give up everything... even if that includes our home.

    We all know the motto of New York City. It is on every single T-shirt in the city. I HEART NY. And since then, there have been about a million people who have stolen this idea and design. Everything from God to monkeys. If somebody loves it, there is probably a shirt that says I HEART more

  • 2. I Heart Cell Phone

    Contributed on Oct 20, 2009
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    As we discuss things that we love more than God, we take a look at our love of our cell phones.

    We started a new series last week called I HEART. We talked about New York. New York’s slogan is I HEART NEW YORK. There are hundreds of different things to love about New York… shopping, food, tourist attractions, sports, tall buildings… pretty much everything. But the slogan was written by more

  • 3. I Heart Money

    Contributed on Oct 27, 2009
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    We are discussing different things we love more than God, and money is our focus in this lesson.

    This is my wallet. I have had this wallet since I was in 7th grade. I got for Christmas from our family’s German exchange student, Eike. She lived at our house for a year and this is the wallet that she gave me. It is from Germany. In fact, it had a little German piece of paper in it until more