Sermon Series
  • 1. Transplanted Heart

    Contributed on Jan 14, 2008
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    Being a servant is not only what we do for others but also what we allow others to do for us which otherwise we are embarrassed to receive.

    Among the extraordinary feats of history is the medical process of heart transplants. It is the actual procedure of removing a diseased heart from a patient and replacing it with the heart of a deceased donor. A surgeon would perform the transplant procedure on a patient who has a diseased heart, more

  • 2. Unshackled Hands

    Contributed on Jan 28, 2008
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    I could quite easily justify not even stopping...But I was reminded that unshackled hands are not concerned about how or why – only that there is a need and I should do something about it.

    A well dressed woman was on an African Safari that stopped in a leper hospital. The air was humid and sticky. Flies buzzed in frenzy. The woman noticed a nurse bending toward a patient, attending a leper’s pus-filled sores. The woman said, “I wouldn’t do that for all the money in the world” to more

  • 3. Prayer-Works

    Contributed on Feb 16, 2008
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    Why ‘work’ instead of ‘activity’ of prayer or ‘picnic’ of prayer? Why does ‘prayer concert’, or ‘prayer vigil’ sound so gray and bland? The answer is obvious. Prayer is hard work! It is rewarding; it is life-changing; but it is hard.

    We continue today on our topic, “Learning to serve in a Service-less Age”, more specifically looking at “The refurbished Life”. God refurbishes our lives, in part, through “The Habit of Prayer”. I confess my struggle with this topic. It is complex yet simple. So complex that we will not even begin more