Sermon Series

  • 1. Do You Feel Insignificant?

    Contributed on May 30, 2006
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    Luke 2 teaches us that Jesus purposefully came to those who no one would choose - from a young poor couple to outcast shepherds. Learn also about his ordinary/extraordinary childhood.

    Luke chapter 2 is very unique - it is the only place where we learn in detail what happened at the birth of Christ - again, evidence that Luke may have gotten the story from Mary herself. It is the only place where we see Jesus presented for circumcision at the Temple, and the only gospel that more

  • 2. The Tilling Of The Heart

    Contributed on Jun 4, 2006
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    How is the soil of your heart? Are you ready to receive what God has to say? Learn what true repentance means and doesn’t mean in the ministry of John the Baptist.

    Let me say first of all that I am not the gardener in our family - that’s my wife. I am the assistant gardener. But I have learned a thing or two over the years. One is that without adequate soil preparation your garden will not grow plants, it will simply grow seedlings that will be eaten by more

  • 3. Fighting Temptation

    Contributed on Jun 13, 2006
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    The Devil does not appear to us in a red suite with a pitchfork. In fact, Satans temptations are often attractive and fill legitimate needs - or seem to. Learn how Jesus fought these temptations and how we can as well.

    Temptation An attorney was sitting in his office late one night, when the Devil appeared before him. The Devil told the lawyer, /’I have a proposition for you. You can win every case you try, for the rest of your life. Your clients will adore you, your colleagues will stand in awe of you, and more

  • 4. When Jesus Becomes Real

    Contributed on Jun 18, 2006
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    Jesus Christ invades the normal world and brings about healing, foregiveness and acceptance to the outcasts of society. When does He become real to you?

    Do you ever have those moments when the Bible just comes alive to you? I had such a moment standing on the shores of the Sea of Galilee (also known as Sea of Gennesaret). It’s been many years now, but I remember being there near Kibbutz Ginossar, standing on the small pebbles that made up the shore more

  • 5. Wired To Explode

    Contributed on Jun 26, 2006

    How is your life wired? Jesus paints a picture of God\’s character to show us how differently we are wired and how much we are in need of a Savior.

    A few years ago I thought I was pretty smart. We were putting in a hot tub and some people said - you should have it installed by a professional. "I don’t need no professional!" I responded. Well, we got the thing in okay- after hefting it sideways and rolling it on some very flimsy hand trucks or more

  • 6. What Is God Like?

    Contributed on Jul 3, 2006
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    Have you ever wondered if you could meet God - would you like Him? We learn from Luke 6 that many of God’s characteristics run counter to our natural way of thinking. Learn how freeing it is to live life like God lives life!

    What is God like? Mankind has asked that question for millennia. God is powerful - He created the universe and can send down lightning bolts. God is angry - He likes to judge and punish people. God is distant - if you see Him you die and he lives far away in heaven where we can never touch Him. God more

  • 7. How Do You Approach Jesus?

    Contributed on Jul 10, 2006
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    Meet 5 people or groups who approached Jesus in many different ways. Jesus reaction tells a lot about how we should and should not approach Jesus when we are in need, in grief, in sin, or in control.

    How do you approach Jesus? Here are some possibilities: Burn with anger Shrug your shoulders in indifference Look the other way Run the other way Stand off at a distance Look down your nose Bow prostrate Run into His arms Run up to Him and demand One thing’s for sure - we all approach more

  • 8. Redefining The Family

    Contributed on Jul 24, 2006
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    What is God’s Family and how do you join it? Jesus redefines family, contrasts it with our earthly family and tells us how to join and what it’s like in his family.

    The idea of family is always morphing in our society. Just in the past fifty years we’ve gone from June Cleaver to Uma Thurman. In the 1950’s the woman wore pearls and waited in high heels for her man to come home so she could greet him with a martini, a paper and dinner on the table. Today in more

  • 9. Don't Be Afraid - Only Believe

    Contributed on Aug 6, 2006
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    Does Jesus have authority over the difficulties in your life? What if God doesn’t seem to answer your prayers on time, do you still trust Him? In this study we see Jesus take authority over the powers of darkness and death itself.

    The last half of Luke 8 gives us two incredible stories of Jesus combating the forces allied against humanity - the hosts of darkness under the control of Satan, and darkness itself: death. Just before this episode, Luke records for us Jesus’ control over the elements as He calmed the wind storm more

  • 10. The Christian Eula

    Contributed on Aug 15, 2006
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    Ever wonder what you are signing up for with Jesus Christ? Luke 9 gives us some practical examples of the principals in the Christian discipleship.

    Do you know what a "EULA" is? It’s not a form of Hawaiian dance. It’s not what you say about a person at a funeral. It stands for "End User License Agreement." If you have ever installed a piece of computer software, you have encountered a EULA. It’s that huge mass of legal garbly-gook full of more

  • 11. The Problem With Power

    Contributed on Aug 21, 2006
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    When we draw close to Jesus sometimes the aura of His power makes us feel powerful on our own. Luke 9 teaches us lessons on the real source of power and the real cost of discipleship.

    What’s the famous line from American Express? Not Karl Malden saying "Don’t leave home without it" but this: "membership has its privileges." It was supposed to suggest that special things await you and only you if you get this card. The slogan is successful because it appeals to something in us more

  • 12. Self Service

    Contributed on Aug 28, 2006
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    As Christians we desire to do things for the Lord. But sometimes we are really just doing them for ourselves. Learn how to spot self service and your attitudes while serving.

    Most Christians understand that belonging to the Lord means we serve Him and will do things that He tells us to do. We like to think that we do it because we are so thankful for what He has done, or because Jesus commanded us to preach the gospel and make disciples or because we see the example of more

  • 13. How To Get Things From God

    Contributed on Sep 3, 2006
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    We have many ways in which we think we can get God to answer prayers. Luke 11 gives us insight as to our approach to God and the real way He answers prayer.

    For many more Bible studies in audio and video form, please visit our website at: How do you approach God to get things and what things do you expect? Roulette Wheel - spin the wheel and take your chances Genie - you get three wishes, any wishes you want School more

  • 14. Are You A Closet Pharisee?

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2006
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    Jesus has some tough things to say the Scribes and Pharisees, but these two groups started out as well meaning, sincere people about their relationship to God. What happened to them can happen to us as well.

    Most Christians are sincere and well meaning in their walk with Christ. That goes for average garden variety Christians, so called "lay" people, and professionals - pastors and the like who make their living off of the gospel. What may be surprising is that even well meaning Christians can fall more

  • 15. Eternally Cool

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2006
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    Who you know, who you are, and who you serve are vital for life and eternity. Each day we have a choice. What will yours be?

    We humans have a lot in common with lemmings. Lemmings - you know, those little furry creatures that are so herd-centric that if one of them runs off a cliff the rest will simply follow until they are all dead. One wonders if they are too stupid to know they are about to fall to their death or so more

  • 16. What Possess You?

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2006

    The Health, Weatlh & Prosperity gospel has made a come back. Should we expect God to bless us financially? Is it a sign of His favor if we become rich or His displeasure if we are not?

    Luke 12:15 "Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions." "Abundance" means to be in excess "Covetousness" means "to hold more" "Take heed" (take care): to stare at "Beware" (be on your guard): to watch, more

  • 17. Growing Shallow Roots

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2006

    How attached are you to this world and how much do you worry about being provided for here? How attached are you to heaven? What happens when God doesn’t answer your prayers?

    Moving is an all-encompassing experience. It’s been some years since I’ve had to move my family, but I remember it well. Especially if you are moving yourself it really causes you to examine all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years and get rid of a lot of junk. As the day of the move nears more

  • 18. The Proper Care & Feeding Of A Christian

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2006

    The proper growth medium and conditions that help Christians grow. Also, how to spot a bad leader.

    Luke 12:42 And the Lord said, "Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom his master will set over his household, to give them their portion of food at the proper time? 43 Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes. 44 Truly, I say to you, he will set him over more

  • 19. God The Patient Gardener

    Contributed on Sep 24, 2006
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    Do you ever picture God as a vindictive judge who can’t wait to throw judgment at sinners? This and other misconceptions about God are addressed in Luke 13.

    God - The Patient Gardener - Luke 13:1-35 What are some common misconceptions about God? 1. That God rises above all religions and a piece of God is found in each 2. God is "the big man upstairs" who is not really involved in affairs here on earth 3. Good things happen to good people, bad more

  • 20. The Nature And Purpose Of Suffering

    Contributed on Sep 28, 2006
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    How many times do you question whether God causes suffering as a judgment? There are really four causes for suffering. Find out how God uses them for good.

    Luke 13:1-5 There were some present at that very time who told him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. 2 And he answered them, "Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans, because they suffered in this way? 3 No, I tell more

  • 21. Giving And Taking Honor

    Contributed on Oct 3, 2006
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    Honor: comprises the reputation, self-perception or moral identity of an individual or of a group. Webster’s says it has three parts: reputation, recognition, and privilege. Reputation is the opinion of other people have of you. Recognition is what they s

    Honor: comprises the reputation, self-perception or moral identity of an individual or of a group. Webster’s says it has three parts: reputation, recognition, and privilege. Reputation is the opinion of other people have of you. Recognition is what they say about you because of that opinion, and more

  • 22. The True Costs And Benefits Of Discipleship

    Contributed on Oct 5, 2006
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    What does it take to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? What does it mean to take up your cross and follow Him. It may be different than you think.

    Two of the major reasons marriages fail are 1) a failure to leave or 2) a failure to cleave. If a husband or wife is so burdened by their family of origin, or are literally shackled by their parents and unable to form a new life with their husband, the marriage is in jeopardy. Or if they leave more

  • 23. Lost And Found

    Contributed on Oct 9, 2006

    This chapter shows us the attitude of God towards the person who is lost, and compares it with our attitude. Essentially the three parables Jesus tells in this chapter are against the Pharisees who were the shepherds of Israel, but would not care for o

    This chapter shows us the attitude of God towards the person who is lost, and compares it with our attitude. Essentially the three parables Jesus tells in this chapter are against the Pharisees who were the shepherds of Israel, but would not care for or seek after the lost sheep, the kind of more

  • 24. The 7 Stages Of The Prodigal

    Contributed on Oct 12, 2006
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    Do you have ever wonder whatt causes someone to walk away from God or how it could even happen to you? Learn the stages and how to get with God and even stop the Prodigal in his tracks.

    The 7 Stages of the Prodigal We can be a prodigal and not even know it. The young man in this parable "came to himself" when he was slopping with the pigs. But if we are aware of the stages we might come to ourselves much earlier and avoid some of the consequences of being estranged from God, more

  • 25. The Mission Statement Of Jesus Christ

    Contributed on Oct 19, 2006
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    In this study we take a wider view of the first 15 chapters of Luke, and see how Jesus mission in chapter 4 works out in His life, and in yours.

    In a real way, the first 15 chapters of the book of Luke can be summed up in the statement Jesus made when He announced His ministry in the synagogue in Nazareth: Luke 4:18-19 8 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to more

  • 26. Who Is Your God?

    Contributed on Oct 23, 2006
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    Each of us has to serve somebody. Jesus in Luke 16 gives us some real incentive to make the Lord God our only God.

    Does Jesus ever say things that seem confusing or even contradictory? "Eat my flesh" Jesus said in John 6. Did that mean cannibalism? "Do these words offend you?" Jesus said. They heard words on the surface but didn’t realize what they meant in terms of Jesus giving His body as a sacrifice and more

  • 27. The Keys To Discipleship

    Contributed on Nov 1, 2006
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    Learn how to live a more effective Christian life by learning what the Lord wants from us and how to have the right attitude as a disciple.

    What’s one of the first things that a person asks when they come to Jesus Christ? What do I do now? How is life in Jesus different from life in the world? What does the seasoned believer ask continually: how can I live my life in a way that glorifies God continually? I think the answer to those more

  • 28. The Heart Of A Servant

    Contributed on Nov 2, 2006
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    We as humans struggle with serving anyone but ourselves. Even as Christians we have a hard time having a true servant’s heart. Jesus shares some hard words, but they are also comforting and freeing when we realize the joys of being a servant.

    Let’s face it. We don’t really like being servants. We don’t like to serve others and we don’t like to be under another’s authority. For us in the U.S. much of that stems from the 1960’s when everyone was told to question authority. We were told that anyone over 30 was the enemy. Now no one born more

  • 29. Contrasts

    Contributed on Nov 7, 2006

    What are those things that bring your heart closer to God and what are those that drive you further away? We learn them from studying contrasts in people Jesus tells us about or encounters in this chapter.

    This is a chapter of contrasts. There are two kinds of people represented here: those that think they have it together, and those that know they don’t. Jesus gives us the contrast between them by showing us various different portraits. I think the idea is to give us a picture of what our approach more

  • 30. Able Available & Actively Seeking God

    Contributed on Nov 12, 2006
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    When Jesus comes around your life are you like Zacchaeus who couldn’t wait to see and experience Jesus - or are you like the third servant in Jesus’ parable who wants nothing to do with the family business?

    If you’ve ever been laid off and received unemployment insurance you know the saying "able, available, and actively seeking." It’s what you’ve got to do in order to continue receiving those benefits. You are able to work, you are available to accept work, and you are actively seeking to find more