Sermon Series
  • 1. Original Christmas Announcement - The Angel

    Contributed on Dec 15, 2005
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    Not a Hallmark but the very best Christmas announcement was the original one from God delivered by the angel. Calmed Fear, Created Hope, Called others to Worship. It should be our announcement.

    Original Christmas Series #4 The Original Christmas Announcement LK 2:8-15 I invite you to find Luke Chapter 2 this morning. It was a chilly December morning as an elderly woman entered her small town post office and made her way to the counter. The clerk asked her "How may I assist more

  • 2. The Original Christmas Tree -The Cross

    Contributed on Dec 20, 2005
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    Original Christmas Tree - The Cross- 1- His Humble Craddle 2-His Honoring Cross 3-His Heavenly Crown - Reminds us of the Tree- Humble Trunk, Full Body and Top most Celebrated part of the tree. #6 in a series Original Christmas

    Original Christmas Tree – LK 2:11-12 The Cross What comes to our mind when we stop and think about that symbol that is perhaps one of the most popular symbols of the Christmas season. I am talking of course about the Christmas Tree. Yet in my mind, I am convinced that the original more