Sermon Series
  • 1. "What Went Wrong?"

    Contributed on Feb 28, 2008
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    This is the 2nd message in a series this one covers Genesis 3 and is about temptation in the Garden of Eden and in our lives today. The Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethesmene, & Joseph’s garden

  • 2. Geneis: Where It All Began

    Contributed on Mar 4, 2008
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    This is the first sermon in a series called Old Testament Challenges. I begin with the story of Alex Haley and "Roots". We all have "roots" and Gesnesis is where we find our spiritual roots. It is an overview.

  • 3. Cain: The Story Of Alienation

    Contributed on Mar 5, 2008
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    The story of Cain. Intimacy with God and family and self is lost. He no longer feels accepted. He lives in fear. God warns Cain... but Cain chooses to turn his back on God and walks away. Peter and Judas both betrayed and denied Jesus, one walked to

  • 4. "Building Bridges"

    Contributed on Apr 16, 2008
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    This sermon begins with the building of the suspension bridge across the Niagara River by James Roebling. I then pick up the theme of the spiritually lost who followed Cain to Enochville Only God could build a bridge for lost humanity. He did it through

  • 5. Enochville: The Story Of Alleination"

    Contributed on Apr 16, 2008

    Adam and Eve and their children, like us now live outside the Garden of Eden. Did Adam and Eve ever beleive their little boys who played together, would find themselves grieving parents at the murder of one son by the other? God tried to warn Cain. God

  • 6. Noah: What Happened To The Unicorns?

    Contributed on Apr 22, 2008
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    The story of Noah is another example of God’s holy character which must punish sin and his overwhelming grace that permits humanity to survive. I begin with a TV commerical from years past about peanut butter cups with Noah and the flood as background.

  • 7. Noah: Saved From Judgment To Live Under God's Rainbow

    Contributed on May 1, 2008
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    God told Noah judgmetn was coming. He had to believe... he had to trust and have faith. When he stepped out of the Ark, the first thing he did was worship God. Our first purpose in life is to worship God. The Rainbow was God’s sign of grace. Jesus is

  • 8. Forgiveness: It's A God Thing - Pass It On!

    Contributed on Sep 17, 2008

    This is part of a series of messages about the life of Joseph. We are challenged to "imitate" Jesus by forgiving those who have caused emotional harm. Some thoughts come from Sermon Central - John Hamby "Dealing With Forgiveness"