Sermon Series
  • 1. Spiritual Lessons Learned Running My First Marathon

    Contributed on Nov 12, 2006
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    By finishing my marathon, I won a prize. The prize I won was a medal place around my neck. This prize is temporary and will not last for eternity. For the Christian, there is a prize awaiting them when they cross the finish line of life. It’s a perman

  • 2. Winning The Prize

    Contributed on Nov 11, 2007
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    In running marathons I am trying to convey the message of Christ in a very unconventional way. 1) Life is like a marathon. 2) Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. 3) There is prize to win. 4) We are to help others along the way.

  • 3. The Finish Line

    Contributed on Nov 18, 2007
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    There are three things worth talking about that are found at the finish line. 1) Rest. 2) Refreshment. 3) Family.