Sermon Series
  • 1. Hope In The Hard Times

    Contributed on Oct 7, 2007
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    Do you go through difficult trials that don’t seem to have any way out? So did Naomi, but God showed his love and an alternative she hadn’t thought of, like he does with us.

    Ruth was written in perhaps the 2nd half of the 12th century, making it contemporary with Jephthah and Samson of Judges 11 and following. This is important because if you didn’t know that you’d think there’s no way the events could take place concurrently with Judges. Judges is filled with more

  • 2. Relationships Take Commitment

    Contributed on Oct 28, 2007
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    How much risk have you taken in your relationship with God? In the final chapters of Ruth we learn how far and how anxious God is to have a relationship with us and what commitment he makes to us.

    Every good relationship takes risk and commitment. Don’t you find that to be the case? If we never risk letting our true selves out there we will never have good relationships and if we don’t commit to those relationships in a meaningful and ongoing way we will not keep them. Certainly, every more