Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series
Sermon Series
  • 1. God’s Gentle Servant

    Contributed on Nov 30, 2011
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    We must embrace God’s Gentle Servant, we must depend on God’s great power, and we must believe in God’s sure and certain promises if we’re going to find hope in the midst of trouble.

    At the elementary school where Becky Barnes teaches in Arizona, they had a problem with students throwing rocks. The principal made an announcement over the intercom warning students that anyone caught throwing rocks would be taken home by him personally. Later that day, during afternoon recess, ...read more

  • 2. God's Glorious Servant

    Contributed on Dec 8, 2011

    Jesus came to speak; let’s listen. Jesus came to suffer; let’s trust Him. Jesus came to save; let’s tell the world. And Jesus came to rule; let’s bow before Him, for that’s what true success is all about.

    A few years ago, the Tokyo Times carried a report about a 19-year-old man who was desperate to get to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. So he hopped a bus and demanded that the driver take him there. He was hijacking the bus, but few of the passengers were concerned. For one thing, the hijacker ...read more

  • 3. God's Obedient Servant

    Contributed on Dec 15, 2011

    What do we do when the lights go out in our world? It’s simple: Don’t trust yourself; trust the Lord. Rely on His unfailing love. Rely on His unlimited power, and rely on His obedient Servant, Jesus Christ, who CHOSE to die for us.

    Vance Havner was one of my favorite preachers when I was growing up, because had a wonderful, witty way of putting things that really made you think. He went home to be with the Lord quite a while ago, but I remember a story he told about two Indians who from a distance had been watching a ...read more

  • 4. God’s Suffering Servant

    Contributed on Dec 23, 2011
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    If we want complete absolution for our sins and full recovery from our failures, then we must bow before Jesus as our Sovereign Lord, believe in Him who was scorned, bank on His substitutionary sacrifice; then we can benefit from his victory and success.

    Max Lucado, in his book Facing Your Giants, talks about Rogers Cadenhead, who upon the death of Pope John Paul II, registered www.BenedictXVI.com as a new internet domain name before the new Pope’s name was even announced. Now, the right domain name can prove pretty lucrative. For example, ...read more