Sermon Series
  • 1. Whining In The Wilderness

    Contributed on Jun 28, 2013

    We need to stop complaining and cry out to God, depending on him to meet our most important needs of this journey. That we don’t just rely on leaders to connect us with God but rather we are all responsible for having our own relationship with Him.

    (Exodus 15:22-27) So Moses/God led them into the desert for three days without water. Experts say that in a warm dry environment like that, 3 days would be the upper limit of survival without water. So these people would be very near death when they came upon this watering hole. And imagine their more

  • 2. Will You Follow Me?

    Contributed on Jul 26, 2013

    Let’s as Christians stop whining about and judging all the disobedient people who don’t even claim his name. Forget about the homosexuals, the abortionists, you think God won’t take care of all that? Love them and he will take care of the judgment.

    Last time we were together Moses had just been given the 10 Commandments. He had been going up and down the mountain hearing from God and relaying this information from God to the people. Now it wasn’t just the 10 commandments. Moses in that short time received 4 chapters of detailed laws more

  • 3. The End Of The Road

    Contributed on Aug 15, 2013

    The younger generation with Joshua and Caleb made it to the land that was Promised and Joshua is about to die, and we will look at how this whole journey comes to an end in Joshua 24

    As I looked at the last few chapters of Exodus, I didn’t think it would too profitable for us to look at the intricate details of how everything was made in the tabernacle. But I did want to finish our journey with the Israelites through the desert to the Promised Land, so we are going to more