Sermon Series
  • 1. Prepare For Peace

    Contributed on Nov 16, 2007
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    Paul delivers some closing exhortations to the Philippian saints which will result in God-given peace. He tells them that if they engage in proper prayer, proper ways of thinking and follow his teaching and example, they will experience peace.

    1. The first preparation for peace is looking to the right source (6-7) 2. The second preparation for peace is living with the right mind (8) 3. The third preparation for peace is learning from the right man (9) PHILIPPIANS 4:6-9 Have you ever just had one of those days? Maybe you can more

  • 2. Thanksgiving Continued...

    Contributed on Nov 24, 2007
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    In rejoicing over the Philippian church’s monetary gift, Paul showed his thankfulness and his understanding toward them, his contentment in spite of them, and his recognition of Christ as the source of all.

    1. Confront people with care 2. Confront circumstances with contentment 3. Confront all things with Christ PHILIPPIANS 4:10-13 A young mother of two opened up the kitchen pantry one afternoon. She knew that she had two cookies left and was planning on setting them out for her two boys when more