Sermon Series
  • 1. The Passion For The Gospel

    Contributed on May 31, 2021
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    We see Paul's concern for the saints in Rome whom he has not met, his compassion for the lost, and his conviction in the efficacy of the Gospel.

    We had a good start to the book of Romans, with the message of the Gospel succinctly expressed. • Having introduced himself, Paul gave us concise statements of the Gospel of God. • The good news has to do with Jesus Christ, the descendant of David by birth and declared the Son of God by His more

  • 2. The Depravity Of Man

    Contributed on Jun 6, 2021

    Men suppress the truth about God and lost their only true bearings in life, become futile in their thinking and darkened in their hearts. The result is ungodliness and unrighteousness.

    Why do we need the Gospel? Why do we need Jesus to save us? What’s wrong with us? Why the need to be rescued in the first place? • These are important questions because unless we understand our plight, we will not appreciate the Gospel. It won’t be good news to us. • Jesus: "It is not the more

  • 3. Shall Not The Judge Of All The Earth Do Right

    Contributed on Jul 4, 2021

    Paul went into this question and answer section to debunk the wrong thoughts of the Jews, affirming the value of the covenant, God's faithfulness to His promises, and His righteous judgment for all people.

    The truth of the Gospel is that all men have sinned and come under the wrath of God. • Everyone will be judged by the same measure, for God does not show favouritism (2:11). Both the Jews and the Greeks will be judged for their sin. • Paul took extra efforts to draw attention to the Jews because more

  • 4. The Gospel

    Contributed on Jul 18, 2021

    Man can be declared righteous because an atoning sacrifice has been made on his behalf, satisfying the wrath of God, when he believes in Christ and accept the gift of salvation from God and is forgiven of his sin and made right with God.

    Today I am going to preach the Gospel, the “good news”, a message that the world desperately needs to hear. • All humanity, whether knowingly or unknowingly, has turned from God and now faces the wrath of God for their sin. • Paul has written at length to affirm this. He left no doubt that all more

  • 5. Believe God

    Contributed on Jul 29, 2021

    Faith in God is critical for our salvation and also for our walk with God. Learn from Abraham and put our faith in God's Word, His wisdom, and glorify God. Faith faces the facts with an unwavering trust in God.

    Is faith in God important? Does our faith in Jesus Christ matter? Paul has been stressing to his readers that we are all justified by faith in Jesus Christ, our only way of salvation. • This was not a new, novel idea that he came up with. It was God’s plan for all men. • Paul highlighted in more

  • 6. Reign In Life Through Christ

    Contributed on Aug 14, 2021

    Christ reversed the effects of Adam's sin and brought us abundant grace and blessings. Death reign in Adam and righteousness and life reign through Christ.

    Paul started Romans telling us of the depravity of man and the wrath of God against sinful mankind. • This is the true state of man, whether Jews or Greeks, religious or non-religious, those with or without the Law. In chapter 3 Paul declares the good news that God has provided sinners with the more

  • 7. The Battle Within

    Contributed on Sep 18, 2021

    Paul shared the reality of his struggle with sin to prepare his readers for Romans 8, the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit in our lives. It will not be our ability or willpower that enables us to obey God.

    Paul affirms in the previous section that the Law is not useless. It is not sinful or bad. • No doubt the Law can only point out our weakness and makes us conscious of our sin; it is powerless to save us but it is not useless. • It shows us the will of God, the righteous standards of God for our more