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Sermon Series
  • 1. I Will Follow You

    Contributed on Sep 27, 2006
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    Ruth was faithful to follow Naomi, in spite of difficult circumstances!

    I Will Follow You Ruth Chapter One I. Introduction Tonight we begin a four week study of the book of Ruth. Ruth was a remarkable woman. She was from the land of Moab. The Moabites had been a thorn in Israel’s side for a long time. Even though Ruth was born in a land and of a people more

  • 2. God's Hand At Work

    Contributed on Sep 27, 2006
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    In Ruth chapter two we begin to see the hand of God at work in very visible ways!

    God’s Hand at Work Ruth Chapter Two I. Introduction Someone has said that the book of Ruth begins with the death of a husband and ends with the birth of a baby. It is true that the book begins with sorrow and ends with joy! What got Ruth from sorrow to joy? Last week, we saw Ruth’s more

  • 3. Restoration Complete

    Contributed on Oct 12, 2006
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    Ruth’s restoration is completed!

    Restoration Complete! Ruth Chapter Four I. Introduction The book of Ruth is both historical and symbolic. It pictures the tragedy of death in Ruth’s family and the joy of redemption. It symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ and His work in redeeming the lost world. Boaz, the kinsman more