Sermon Series
  • 1. Let's Make Some Noise

    Contributed on Sep 15, 2010
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    America has been blessed because of her roots, but those roots are being destroyed.

    “The Charge of the Light Brigade: Let’s Make Some Noise!” Is. 62:1-7; Ezek 33:1-20 As I begin today I want to be perfectly clear. America is not God’s chosen nation. There is only one of those and it is Israel. But America has been richly blessed because of her more

  • 2. Why All The Noise?

    Contributed on Sep 22, 2010
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    How do we interpret our present time? Do we understand the times?

    “The Charge of the Light Brigade: Why All the Noise?” Jer. 4:11-12, 22-28 & 8:18-9:1; Mt. 24:3-14 & 36-44 Jesus, and the New Testament authors, spoke frequently about his second coming. One scholar indicated that 1 out of every 15 verses in the New Testament speaks about it. And yet we seldom more

  • 3. Lessons Learned In Battle

    Contributed on Oct 13, 2010
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    We can gain wisdom and gain faith from the lessons Israel learned in their journey through life’s battles.

    “The Charge of the Light Brigade: Lessons Learned in Battle” Exodus 15:22-27 In 1997 the Detroit Red Wings, along with the State of Michigan, were in ecstatic euphoria following the Red Wing’s capture of the coveted Stanley Cup championship trophy. Celebrations were ongoing and the sweet taste more

  • 4. Homeland Security

    Contributed on Oct 18, 2010

    When we understand the Israelites song of celebration we can discover the sources of our security.

    “Homeland Security” Exodus 15:1-18 In the aftermath of 9-11 a Federal position was created to help insure the safety and security of Americans and others living in the United States. So we now have a Director of Homeland Security. It is an attempt to help alleviate ongoing fears of more

  • 5. Being Good Citizens

    Contributed on Nov 5, 2010

    As Christians we have a responsibility in the plitical arena - but just what is it?

    “The Charge of the Light Brigade: Being Good Citizens” Prov. 29:2; Mt. 22:15-21 I am so ready for the elections to be over. I’m tired of all the political mud-throwing, fact-checking, partial truth, bold promise ads. It reminds me of the story of a 4 year old who tugged on her more

  • 6. Let's Give It Up For Jesus

    Contributed on Nov 9, 2010
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    Are you really ready to say, "Everything the Lord says I will do?"

    “The Charge of the Light Brigade: Let’s Give It Up for Jesus!” Ex. 24:1-8; Lk. 9:57-62 & 14:25-33 Life is filled with contracts. There are contracts between management and employees, between nations, between provider and buyer, and even between husband and wife. All of these more

  • 7. When The Enthusiasm Dies

    Contributed on Nov 18, 2010

    What do we do when our enthusiasm comes to a screeching halt?

    “The Charge of the Light Brigade: When the Enthusiasm Dies” Exodus 5:1-6:1 The team has prepared all season for this game. In fact, the season all boils down to this moment. Win and you’re the champions – lose and you go home. You’re confident, because you’ve more