Sermon Series
  • 1. The Godhead

    Contributed on Mar 5, 2014

    The doctrine of the Godhead (or the Trinity) is often ignored or neglected because it seems so complicated. But Scripture reveals plenty and we find it fits perfectly with what we know about God’s covenant of grace for the salvation of His elect.

    We’ve reached some wonderful chapters in Genesis that deserve appreciation and I’m excited to preach them, but the theme of Genesis is fairly consistent all the way through. What that means is we might start to get a little numb to what we’re reading, and I don’t want that, more

  • 2. The Godhead Pt. 2- The Holy Spirit

    Contributed on Mar 13, 2014

    The Holy Spirit is a distinct Witness within the Godhead; He is of the same undivided essence as the Father and the Word but distinguished by several peculiar relative properties.

    We’re going to spend another week looking at the Godhead and specifically this week we’ll talk about the Holy Spirit. As I mentioned last time there are some errors when it comes to understanding who He is and what He does, and I think a lot of it has to do with His name. In Greek more

  • 3. The Godhead Pt. 3- The Holy Spirit Pt. 2

    Contributed on Mar 19, 2014

    The Holy Spirit works for His people to ensure their inheritance in the covenant of grace!

    Last week I showed you that the Holy Spirit is a distinct Witness within the Godhead (I Jn. 5:7). He is God and He’s worthy of all the same praises as the Father and the Word. Tonight I want to go a little bit further and see that: II. The Holy Spirit has specific OPERATIONS within the more