Sermon Series
  • 1. What Does It Take To Be A 'good Church'? Pt 1: Smyrna

    Contributed on Oct 14, 2010

    We want our church to become a 'good church' = an overcoming church in this fallen world. Let's listen to what the Spirit is saying to these churches and maybe we will overhear what He wants to say to our church today.

    THE LETTERS: Jesus’ Message To The Church In These Last Days Part 1: What Does It Take to Be A Good Church: Smyrna Have you ever watched the commentary portion of a DVD? Where the producer or actor actually speaks to you while the movie is going on so you can understand a bit more about more

  • 2. A Church Of New Name Love: Philadelphia Pt2

    Contributed on Oct 14, 2010
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    Does anyone here ever wished they could have a NEW NAME? Are we a church where people are finding a NEW name? Living by the new reputation Jesus has given is how a church is to live in these last days.

    “The Church of Friendly Love” --Revelation 3:7-13 7 "To the [messenger] of the church in Philadelphia write: Where we live is rather removed and my wife and I both having been raised on a farm a lot like where we live. We lived 50 miles from here (in the country) and then moved more

  • 3. What Makes A Church Bad? Frog In The Kettle Sardis Pt3

    Contributed on Oct 14, 2010
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    If we continue to OVERCOME and stay out of the Devil’s POTS and KETTLES we will be rewarded BIG TIME! And even if we die at Satan’s hands, Jesus’ hands will not only welcome us, but give us a crown to wear for eternity.

    “What Makes a Church Bad? Rev 3:1-6 FROG IN A KETTLE SARDIS This method is SLOW “Often, good works is the bridge over which good news runs.” Here are five commitments that make not just a good church, but moves it to being great for God: before I do, why don’t you more

  • 4. Jesus' Wish For The Church (Laodicea) Pt4

    Contributed on Oct 14, 2010
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    Ever wish for something? If you could wish anything, and I mean anything, for this church—what would it be? What do you think Jesus would wish for this church? Jesus has a wish for the church. What is it? It is written here.

    Jesus’ Wish For The Church” Laodicea, Revelation 3:14-22 Three girls were stranded on an island when they discover a lamp rub it and out pops a genie. They are each granted a wish. The C+ girl washed she was off the island “poof!” The “straight A” girl wished more

  • 5. What Makes A Church Ugly? Ephesus Pt 5

    Contributed on Oct 14, 2010

    The problem with Ephesus is they were doing so much inside the walls they never went out. They were a “come-and-get-it” church and not a “go-and-get-them” church. This church saw their culture as something you stay away from.

    “What Makes a Church Ugly?” Ephesus. Revelation 2:1-7 The world tries to get it right, but in all of its wisdom it can never measure up to the truth of God—it is all foolishness. LOVE is not a feeling to be lost—but it can be forsaken. LOVE causes us some great and more

  • 6. A Church The World Needs, Not Wants--Pergamum Pt6

    Contributed on Oct 14, 2010
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    “Be the church would ya!” Young people practice faith in the same way their parents practice faith. Studies today call this “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism”. It is a very self-centered spirituality; a self-absorbed Christianity.

    Title: “A Church The World Needs--Not Wants--Pergamum” Introduction: I HAVE FOUR CHILDREN and I can tell you—kids, are smart—they know when you aren’t living up to what you believe and what you say! I worked with inner-city, street-wise kids for several years more

  • 7. Dealing With Church Problems: Thyatira Pt7

    Contributed on Oct 14, 2010
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    You cannot judge someone else for your own tolerance. What have you been tolerating? Isn't it about time to say, "ENOUGH!" Jesus thinks so. To overcome you must repent which means to do CHRIST’S WILL to the end. How?

    Revelation 2:18-29: “Dealing With Church Problems” Problems. Does anyone here have problems? I asked a man recently which years of a marriage are the toughest. He told me that the first 30 years were the toughest in a marriage. I asked him, well how many years have you been more