Sermon Series
  • 1. Jacob, The Man Who Learned To Adjust

    Contributed on Nov 17, 2008
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    Each of us is different, and each of us has a long way to go.

    Jacob, The Man Who Learned to Adjust (Genesis 25:19-34) 1. John went to visit his old grandfather in a secluded area of Georgia. After chatting all night John’s grandfather made a breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. However, John noticed a film on his plate, and questioned his grandfather, more

  • 2. Blessings And The Blessing

    Contributed on Nov 24, 2008
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    You cannot despise your birthright and receive the blessing.

    Blessings and THE Blessing (Genesis 25:34, 26:34, and 27:1-40) 1. The Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower were not the first to celebrate Thanksgiving in the New World. Several groups before them had done similar things. 2. But the Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving is the one we model our more

  • 3. "Three To Get Ready…"

    Contributed on Dec 15, 2008

    Disgust can become a powerful motive.

    "Three to Get Ready…" (Genesis 27:41- 28:9) 1. There are many stories of people who have given up on the church and on God is utter disgust. 2. Dan Waite tells this story of a man who almost did: Once upon a time, a young minister tried to quit the ministry in absolute disgust. He was tired more

  • 4. Help -- Life Is Scaring Me!

    Contributed on Jan 5, 2009
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    The New Year is a reminder that living life can be a fearful experience, because we are all vulnerable to the choices others make and circumstances beyond our control. Our compassionate God wants to reassure us through His Word, yet many of us want this r

    Help -- Life is Scaring Me! (Genesis 28:10-20) 1. The headlines and issues going into 2009 are legion: the economy, the war, your family and personal issues, the moral condition of our nation…pessimists never had it so good! 2. It can be hard to cope with life; yet many of you have the more

  • 5. Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    Contributed on Jan 5, 2009
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    If we are in the doldrums -- but learn to be emboldened by walking with God -- we can find courage to pursue better times.

    Light At the End of the Tunnel (Genesis 29:1-14) 1. I came across this true account from Reader’s Digest: My cell phone quit as I tried to let my wife know that I was caught in freeway gridlock and would be late for our anniversary dinner. I wrote a message on my laptop asking other more

  • 6. What Goes Around Comes Around

    Contributed on Jan 12, 2009
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    Jacob thought lightly about taking advantage of others, but he didn’t take it so lightly when others took advantage of him.

    What Goes Around Comes Around (Genesis 29:14b-30) 1. My son, Scott, an insurance broker in Florida, loves ocean fishing and takes his cell phone along on the boat. One morning we were drifting about ten miles offshore as Scott discussed business on the phone. Suddenly his rod bent double, and more

  • 7. Living The Complex, Stressful Life

    Contributed on Jan 19, 2009
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    Jacob lived a stressful life, and so do many of us. Yet we can escape some of the pressures of stress by following the Lord.

    Living The Complex, Stressful Life (Genesis 29:31-31:16) 1. One of the stranger creatures in our world is a Tarsier. 2. You can see how weird it looks (Show photo, retrieve from the internet). “The Tarsier is one of the smallest primates and lives in the forests of Borneo and Sumatra and more

  • 8. A Bitter Goodbye

    Contributed on Jan 28, 2009
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    Life’s crossroads can be messy, but sometimes you cannot walk around the mud, but you must march right through it. Yet even [when we are] walking through the mud, God does not abandon His children.

    A Bitter Goodbye (Genesis 31:17-55) 1. At Kokomo’s Jackson Morrow Park, Marylu and I were hiking. We like to walk several times a week, and a walk in the woods can add an pleasant environment. I decided to take a short cut near the creek…I thought the ground was solid, but I immediately more

  • 9. God Plus Sense Equals Blessing

    Contributed on Feb 2, 2009
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    Sense is a virtue, but God plus sense is out of this world!

    God Plus Sense Equals Blessing (Genesis 32:1-32) 1. It takes all kinds of people to make a world. 2. Some Boeing employees on the airfield decided to steal a life raft from one of the 747s. They were successful in getting it out of the plane and home. Shortly after they took it for a float more

  • 10. Gracious Lost People

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2009
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    As Christians, we must learn to appreciate and enjoy the image of God in others – even those who do not know Jesus Christ. Sometimes, lost people can be wonderful -- and may be more gracious than some who know the Lord.

    Gracious Lost People (Genesis 33:1-20) 1. Lots of things in life are relative. 2. Do you know what the snail said as it road on the back of a tortoise? Wheeeee! 3. When we talk about people, we are usually talking in relative terms. In guys eyes, "all of sinned and fall short of the more

  • 11. Hitting Bottom

    Contributed on Feb 16, 2009
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    Sometimes we refuse to bear down spiritually until we or our family hits bottom.

    Hitting Bottom Genesis 34:1-35:14 1. Jim Lopardo tells this story: I was a percussion major when I was in college, and during a rehearsal of the student orchestra, my section kept making mistakes. "When you’re too dumb to play anything," the professor conducting us sneered, "they give you a more

  • 12. A Messy Life, A Spiritual Legacy

    Contributed on Feb 26, 2009
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    Getting right with God does not mean we will avoid trials and tragedies, but we can experience God’s help to get through them -- and leave behind a spiritual legacy.

    A Messy Life, A Spiritual Legacy (Genesis 35-49) [series: The Life of Jacob finale] 1. According to an AP article posted Friday, "Stocks pared their losses and traded mixed Friday after the White House sought to douse fears that the government would nationalize crippled banks. "White House more