Sermon Series
  • 1. Was It Really Like That?

    Contributed on Mar 23, 2004
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    One of the biggest questions I’ve heard people asking about Mel Gibson’s movie is: "Wow. . . did that really happen?" A reviewer in TIME mag put it this way: "The first thing you have to decide is. . . is it based on fact or fiction?" *HANDOUT INCLUDED*

    WAS IT REALLY LIKE THAT? How many of you here today have seen The Passion of the Christ? How many of you left there with questions? <HANDS> This series, I’m taking some of the most common questions I’ve heard, and giving them an honest look. One of the biggest questions I’ve encountered more

  • 2. Is Jesus The Son Of God?

    Contributed on Apr 4, 2004
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    The fundamental question we must ask when we read our Bibles or watch "The Passion" is this: Who is this guy Jesus? This sermon explores his claims and the evidence that he is who he said he is. *HANDOUT INCLUDED*

    #3: True or False: Jesus Is the Son of God? “I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM. . .” John 8:58 One of the fundamental questions we have to face when we read our Bibles, and when we watch the Passion, and when we decide whether it’s all true or false is this: IS JESUS REALLY THE SON OF more