Sermon Series
  • 1. Your Heart's Desire

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2015

    God knows our heart and wants us to know His desire for us.

    What is it you want most in your life? What is it that makes you tick? What’s your heart’s desire? Physically the human heart is amazing instrument of God’s creation: From the moment it begins beating until the moment it stops, the human heart works tirelessly. In an more

  • 2. Follow Your Heart

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2015
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    We can trust our heart as we obey God.

    We have all heard the expression, “Follow your heart.” But what does that mean? Maybe it’s a work of fiction, like Narnia, or Lord of the Rings? Is following your heart a “gut-feeling,” “intuition,” “logic or reason,” or something we just more

  • 3. The Battle For The Heart

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2015
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    There is a battle for our hearts. God wants us to win the battle.

    One of the most famous battles of WW II happened near the end of the war. Hitler had decided to launch a major offensive in the West against allied troops and retake the town of Antwerp in Belgium. On December 16, 1944 the Battle of the Bulge began. Famous battles are part of our history. If you more

  • 4. Set Your Course

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2015

    Our heart gives us the direction for our lives, therefore, we must guard our hearts.

    On November 28, 1979 Flight 901 left Auckland Airport in New Zealand. The flight was a sightseeing tour bound for Antarctica with 257 people on board. These sight seeing tours had been operating since 1977. They had experienced more

  • 5. The Measure Of A Heart

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2015

    How does God measure our heart for Him?

    WWI probably is a forgotten war in the lives of Americans today. It was a war of loyalty to the treaties that were signed by the nations involved on both sides. It was a war that introduced trench warfare. Germans dug in and our American troops were called on to storm the enemy’s more

  • 6. When God Turns The Light On

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2015

    How you can tell when God shows you what is in your heart.

    In March of 1927 God sent a young named Peter Marshall to the U.S. He had a purpose, a plan of God a calling from on high to come to America and become a minister. Listen to Dr. Marshall’s words, “I was coming to the United States to enter the ministry, because I believed, with all my more

  • 7. Hurry Up And Wait

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2015
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    What to do when we are waiting on the Lord.

    You may have heard the expression “Hurry up and wait,” if you served in the military you certainly have heard it and seen it. Thirteen years in the U.S. Navy I have seen it first hand. Wake you up at the crack of dawn just to sit and wait for an hour or more to get your orders for more

  • 8. I Believe In Happy Endings

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2015

    God wants you to have a happy productive life.

    In the book Refresh, Renew, Revive H.B London Jr. of Focus on the Family, writes a chapter entitled 10 questions to focus your time for the rest of our lives. One of those questions is: If I could do only three things in my lifetime, what would they be? I don’t think there is a more more