Sermon Series
  • 1. The God Of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob … Joseph … And You

    Contributed on Aug 30, 2013
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    Though this message focuses on Joseph being sold into Egypt, it also takes a quick look at his father, grandfather and great grandfather to show how God treated each of them in unique ways.

    The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob … Joseph … and You CHCC: January 20, 2013 Genesis 30-50 Today is week 3 of a 17-week sermon series called "The Story" that will take us through the Old Testament. Last Sunday, Ronnie talked about Abraham. This week we’ll focus on more

  • 2. The Greatest Love Story Never Told

    Contributed on Dec 5, 2014

    The story of Hosea and Gomer illustrates how Israel became unfaithful to God which produced a divorce. But eventually God told Hosea to take his wife back and to love her as he had done when they were first married.

    The Greatest Love Story Never Told Hosea INTRODUCTION: Today we’re going to talk about the greatest love story NEVER told. If you look for a list of great love stories, you’ll find Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Heathcliff and Catherine, Rhett and Scarlet … more

  • 3. Jeremiah

    Contributed on Dec 8, 2014

    This sermon deals with the faith and faithful life of the prophet, Jeremiah who warned the kingdom of Judah what their wayward actions were about to bring upon the nation. There are 3 lessons about faith from Jeremiah's example.

    Jeremiah Jeremiah; Hebrews 11 INTRODUCTION: We’re in the middle of a series called “The Story,” where we’re going through some stories in the Old Testament in about 20 weeks. We started with Creation, then Abraham, to Moses, through the Judges and the two greatest more

  • 4. Strength For The Journey

    Contributed on Dec 8, 2014

    This sermon is an overview of the qualities that helped Ezra succeed in his return to Israel along with 3000 other exiles to reestablish proper worship among the Jews.

    Strength for the Journey - Ezra INTRODUCTION: Summer is almost here! How many of you have some sort of travel plans for this summer? Is anyone planning to join about 3,000 people for a 900 mile hike? That’s what we read about in the Book of Ezra. That would be like walking from more

  • 5. Esther

    Contributed on Dec 8, 2014
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    The story of Esther reveals God's plans and purposes for each of us as we live out lives that are directed by God's design and will. Nothing is by accident even if we are unable to figure out what God is up to. Esther gives a good example of this concept.

    Esther INTRODUCTION: A well-known theologian was once asked to prove the existence of God. He replied that he could prove God’s existence in two words: “The Jew.” From ancient history to today, many nations have attempted to exterminate God’s chosen people. more

  • 6. Jesus, Son Of God

    Contributed on Dec 8, 2014

    Peter's confession that Jesus is the Son of God leads to the consideration of who we might say Christ is to us when He is either silent, seemingly late, or tells us "No."

    Jesus, Son of God (Who Do YOU Say that I Am?) Matthew 16:13-17 INTRODUCTION: Have you ever talked to someone who thinks Jesus was a great teacher and a good man, but nothing more? I’ve even heard people claim that Jesus never said he was anything more than a normal human being. I more

  • 7. The Hour Of Darkness And A Servant King

    Contributed on Dec 9, 2014

    The behavior of Jesus at the last supper was in line with what Jesus would do the next day on the cross. Through it all, Jesus was the servant king.

    The Hour of Darkness and a Servant King ("The King whose Scepter is a Towel"- title from a message by Daryl Johnson) John 13:1-17 INTRODUCTION: What do you picture when you hear the word “KING”? The first word that comes to my mind is POWER. And if I hear KING of KINGS I more

  • 8. Never Alone

    Contributed on Dec 9, 2014

    The text from 2 Timothy 4 reveals the Apostle Paul's true condition in his final days before his death in Rome. He was never truly alone because of God's presence with him.

    Never Alone (Paul's last days) II Timothy 4:1-18 INTRODUCTION: Loneliness is one of the major mental-health issues in America today. A lot of folks dread the holiday season because, it highlights the losses they’ve had in life. All the celebrating … and the big family more