Sermon Series
  • 1. Family: The Lord Makes & Satan Takes

    Contributed on Oct 16, 2012

    God created three institutions: The Family; The Church; and The Government. Satan attempts to disrupt each of these. This lesson is a reminder of the importance of the Family.

    1. Chuck Swindoll tells the story of a man who backed his bright, shiny new Cadillac out of the driveway and headed for the freeway on his daily commute to work downtown. He was busily shaving himself as he drove--a normal operation for him. I suppose he had his radio on, and he was listening to more

  • 2. God’s Purpose In Government

    Contributed on Nov 1, 2012
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    Contrary to popular Christian belief, God intends for us to be involved in the process of government and to exert Christian influence there. He created governments for the good of man. When Christian neglect their stewardship responsibilities they remove

    1. Cartoon: Two men on a park bench; one lets out a loud SIGH; the second man stands and says, “Well, if you are gonna’ talk politics, I’m outta’ here!” 2. Three Great Institutions of God: a. Family b. Church c. Government 3. Mixed reviews on how we look at government a. Support (blindly? more

  • 3. The Church Under Fire

    Contributed on Nov 13, 2012

    The church was created by God -- what would happen if we remove him from it? This sermon reminds us of the role of the church in the world with the presence of God within it.

    1. God’s three organizations: a. Family b. Government c. Church d. What happens when we take God out of these? 2. There are some “mega-churches” in the US today which loudly and boldly proclaim the name of Yeshua (Jesus) to the world. 3. Did you know that there are more