Sermon Series
  • 1. Big Ideas

    Contributed on Nov 19, 2011

    An intro to a series through the book of Nehemiah. A sermon to show how God delights in taking little people and accomplishing big things through them

    Nehemiah 1-4 Someone wrote years ago, “Just when I figure out all of the answers in life, they changed the questions!” Too true. More than ever, they’re changing the questions at a dizzying pace. Life is BIG. It’s fast, confusing, transient. That’s OK. more

  • 2. Big Leaders

    Contributed on Nov 19, 2011

    The example of Nehemiah gives to us a solid picture of good leadership and the way it should be in the family of God. A Book sermon, 2nd in a series.

    Nehemiah Intro: Audience participation time this morning. I’ll call out the event or thing, you call out the name of someone associated with it. • Model A automobiles (Henry Ford) • The American Revolution (Washington, Benjamin Franklin, et al) • Mickey Mouse more

  • 3. Big Strides

    Contributed on Nov 19, 2011
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    Progress and growth is a necessary part of a healthy life before the Lord

    Nehemiah 3, 4:6, 6:15 Introduction: We lived near a small town called Webb City in MO. Until a year ago, it was under the direction of a city developer whose last name is Urban. I thought that was kind of humorous in itself, but a few years back I read that Webb City was going to take a more

  • 4. Big Pause

    Contributed on Nov 20, 2011

    Big living means setting aside special moments to worship and to re-calibrate our lives according to God’s word.

    Nehemiah 8 Introduction: They did a lot of things right when they founded America, but as a country we started over with holidays. I’m not sure that was so smart. Countries in Europe have been hanging on to their holidays for centuries. The right calendar will give you some of more

  • 5. Big Party

    Contributed on Nov 20, 2011
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    A look at the dedication ceremony after the wall of Jerusalem was rebuilt. A sermon to remind us that there is a necessary place for joy in the Christian’s life

    Nehemiah 12:27-43 Introduction: We’ve been taking this trip through the book of Nehemiah, talking about what we’re supposed to do when life gets big – Big Ideas, Big Leaders, Big Strides, and this morning, Big Party. The whole idea comes from Nehemiah ch12, and the massage more