Sermon Series
  • 1. The Wonder Of His Baptism

    Contributed on Jul 19, 2004
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    Jesus’ complete devotion to God

    THE WONDER OF HIS BAPTISM MATTHEW 3:13-17 INTRODUCTION TO SERIES: Today we are starting a new series of messages entitled, “the wonder of it all.” Between now and the Sunday after Easter I want us to look at 8 incidents in the life of Jesus that demonstrate the wonder of His existence more

  • 2. The Wonder Of His Service

    Contributed on Jul 19, 2004
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    To see Jesus’ service and increase our commitment

    “THE WONDER OF HIS SERVICE” LUKE 5:1-11 INTRODUCTION: This summer our youth are going on a mission trip to Mexico. Our youth minister, Doug and his “right hand lady” in this endeavor, Diane Sutton, wondered if they would get enough sponsors to go on a hot, dirty and hard trip like this. more

  • 3. The Wonder Of His Acceptance

    Contributed on Jul 19, 2004
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    Jesus is ready and willing to accept all.

    “THE WONDER OF HIS ACCEPTANCE” JOHN 4:1-26 INTRODUCTION: You don’t have to travel to Samaria to find those that need cared for & accepted. It’s not necessary to go to an ancient well to find people who need living water. We are surrounded by those who constantly are living “at the end of more

  • 4. The Wonder Of His Purpose

    Contributed on Jul 19, 2004
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    Jesus gives purpose to life.

    “THE WONDER OF HIS PURPOSE” LUKE 8:26-38 INTRODUCTION: George Moore tells the true story of Irish peasants in the depression era that were hired by a wealthy benefactor to build some roads. When they started the job the men worked well, they sang their Irish songs and put their total more

  • 5. The Wonder Of His Commitment

    Contributed on Jul 19, 2004
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    Putting full commiment into practice.

    “THE WONDER OF HIS COMMITMENT” MARK 14:32-42 Read Text - pray INTRODUCTION: John Brokhoff tells of three little girls who were talking about their dads and one said, “My Dad is a doctor, he practices medicine.” The second said, “My Dad is a lawyer, he practices law.” The third little more

  • 6. The Wonder Of His Resurrection

    Contributed on Jul 19, 2004
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    Jesus provides ultimate hope.

    "THE WONDER OF HIS RESURRECTION" LUKE 24: 13-35 INTRODUCTION: In the movie, "City Slickers," comedian Billy Crystal plays a bored baby boomer who sells advertising. One day he is invited to visit his son’s school to tell the children about his job. But as he speaks he can see the kids are more

  • 7. The Wonder Of His Commission

    Contributed on Jul 19, 2004
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    Carrying on the purpose of Jesus: To seek and save the lost.

    "THE WONDER OF HIS COMMISSION" MATTHEW 28:16-20 INTRODUCTION: Vance Havner tells the story of a fisherman by the name of Clem who amazed everyone with his fishing ability. It didn’t seem to matter what the weather was like or how productive other fishermen were, Clem everyday would catch more