Sermon Series
  • 1. One Card Left

    Contributed on Sep 27, 2006

    Welcome back to the world poker tour. Maybe you feel hopeless. Whatever is on your mind whether it’s your kids, your parents, your friends, your job, your marriage, your future, God wants you to take the one card you have left in your hand and give it t

    Welcome back to the world poker tour. Today you are at the table hoping for a good hand. It’s five card stud so you need to play every card in your hand. It’s a brutal game and the stakes are high. What are you going to do? What cards are you going to play? Are you willing to go all in even more

  • 2. Making Your Move

    Contributed on Sep 27, 2006
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    Risk is always easier to walk through when you feel like the deck is stacked in your favor. It’s easy to gamble a few bucks when you have a few hundred more in your back pocket. It’s easier to risk speaking the truth to a complete stranger than risk tel

    Today is part three in my World Poker Tour series and today I need to ask you this question: When is the right time to take a risk? When is it time to move ahead, to step up to the plate, to throw in your cards and go all in? In the first week of this series we talked about going all in. Last more