Sermon Series
  • 1. Invest In What Matters

    Contributed on Mar 30, 2021
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    Help to set our perspective on what truly matters in life

    Intro – Bucket lists. Do you have one? The term was made popular by a 2007 movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Their 2 characters meet in the hospital where they’re both being treated for terminal cancer. One of them is working on a list of things he wants to accomplish in his life more

  • 2. Figure Out What’s True

    Contributed on Mar 30, 2021
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    A refresher on the subject of truth and how important it is to have that sorted out in life

    How’s your bucket list? My fear is that you’ll check off “Watch the Cubs win the world series” and “Watch Donald Trump be inaugurated as President” and you’ll be done this week because nothing else in life could outdo that! We launched this new series about bucket lists, and about making sure more

  • 3. Get Uncomfortable

    Contributed on Mar 30, 2021

    A challenge to not choose just what's easy in life but to pursue what God wants no matter what

    How’s your bucket list? Remember, we’re dealing with some of the items the Bible teaches are important for us to tend to before we kick the bucket! That means investing in what matters, and figuring out what’s true. Today we add a new item. Remember also that we’re working on projects that will more

  • 4. Walk Where You Can’t See

    Contributed on Mar 30, 2021
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    a reminder that we live by faith, not by sight

    This is our 5th week of talking about your bucket list. I want to say how encouraging it was for our student ministry to jump up and challenge us last week to say what needs to be said! Their enthusiasm is contagious, and catching that is a whole lot better than catching the flu, isn’t it? This more

  • 5. Get Right With Someone

    Contributed on Mar 31, 2021

    A look into relationships - what hinders them, why we must work at them while we have the opportunity

    The item I want to encourage you to add to your bucket list this morning can be a real tough one for people. In fact, I’ll bet there are some here today who would rather include bungee jumping, sky diving, and swimming with sharks and alligators on their list ahead of this item. But it’s really more