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Based on the short story "The Greatest Gift", (1943)

The film is considered one of the most loved films in American. It is The No 1 film in a UK poll. “It’s a Wonderful Life” has become traditional viewing during the Christmas season

If someone were to ask us if we had a ‘Wonderful Life’, what would our response be?

In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” George Bailey had a gift that he wasn’t sure he wanted. His gift was the gift of life. And his life had seemingly fallen apart all around him. He just knew he was going to lose his business, his livelihood. He faced prison for something he hadn’t done. And as a result of all this… his family faced shame and poverty.

In desperation, he pleads with his arch-enemy (Mr. Potter) for a loan on his life insurance. Potter gleefully observes “George, you’re worth more dead than alive!”

And thus, George Bailey decides that his only solution is to throw himself off the bridge into the frigid waters below and at least supply his family with the money from his life insurance.

But God steps in and an angel is sent to earth to stop George Bailey before he can take his life.

But how do you convince a man that the gift he wants to throw away is in reality far too valuable to be destroyed?

The angel’s solution: to grant George Bailey’s wish and show him what life would’ve been like if he’d never been born.

- VIEW - 1:42:50-1:44:50 “I Wish I Had Never Been Born”

So, as George tries to get back to his home, he finds that…

• the town has become a den of iniquity and evil

• the pharmacist – who George – has become the town drunk

• his brother Harry , dies because thus the hundreds of men died

• Mary ended up becoming a wretched, dejected and lonely


Have you ever thought about that question?

What would your life be like? What would the world be like?


- People today think the world would have been better off without Jesus.

- What would the world be like if Jesus had never been born?

- Is Christmas about Pine trees, Presents, Parties?

- Did His birth really matter?

- How did Jesus' birth change history?

- Personally what does His birth mean for your life today?

- Are we Celebrating Christmas without Jesus?

- Christ has made a difference

- Jesus changed lives the lame walk, blind see, the dead raised

- Ate with those of low status

- Chose disciples from a lower class background

- Showing all human beings, have dignity bearing the image of God.

• Hospitals began in in the Middle Ages

• All but one of the first 123 colleges in colonial America were Christian institutions

• Literacy came to the common people

• Languages were put into writing

• Abolition of slavery

• Modern science roots are in Christian discoveries

• Women recognized as being equal


• We could have not realized the great love of God (John 3:16

• We would have remained in darkness (John 8:12;

• We could have not been made free but rather we would be slaves of sin (John 8:34)

• We could have not been able to get rid of fear (John 6:20;

• Our salvation would have not been fulfilled (1 John 3:5;

• Defeating Satan would have not happened (Jhn 12:31;

• We could have not conquered death (Jhn 8:43;

• We could not inherit the Heavenly Kingdom (Lk 12:32;

• We would have been the most miserable – Guilty No Hope

Jesus DID come to this earth!

He IS the fulfillment of every OT prophecy.

He WAS born of a virgin in Bethlehem.

He WAS wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Heavenly angels announced His birth.

Shepherds visited him.

He DID live a perfect life.

He TOUCHED people and healed them.

He RAISED people from the dead.

He DID walk on water.

He HAS fed the multitudes.

He DID die on the cross.

He HAS risen from the dead.

He HAS paid our sin debt.

He IS seated at the right hand of the Father.

He IS NOW making intercession for you and me.

He LISTENS to the cry of your heart.

He LOVES you with an everlasting love.

He WANTS to forgive your sin.

He LONGS to be your Savior.

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