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PEANUTS with Charlie Brown (CB)

- Peanuts debuts in seven newspapers October 2, 1950

- Peanuts ran in over 2,600 newspapers

- Readership of 355 million in 75 countries, and was translated into 21 languages.

- Last Peanuts strip January 3, 2000

- Charles Schulz dies Feb. 12

- Charles Schultz, pictures one of his characters Linus Van Pelt

- Linus, is always clinging to his security blanket.

-Wherever he goes or whatever he does, Linus must have his blanket.

- He is the intellectual one in Peanuts

- He gives philosophical revelations and solutions to problems.

- He can put life into perspective while sucking his thumb.

- He knows the true meaning of Christmas while continuing to believe in the Great Pumpkin.

* - Linus, First time with his security blanket - June, 1954

-CB to Lucy “Why does Linus hold his blanket like that?”

- Lucy I’m not sure ... I think maybe it gives him a feeling

of security

- CB walks off leaving Lucy with a ?

- Linus to Lucy “It doesn’t work. I feel like an idiot”

* - Linus gets his blanket washed for the first time - May 31, 1955

- Linus shaking in front of CB

- Linus banging his head on the floor

- Lucy runs in with blanket “Here it is Linus! All fluffy and


- Linus “Sigh” Lucy to CB Linus suffers on the day his blanket is

being washed.”

* - Linus tries to give up his blanket - Oct 14, 1957

- Lucy to Linus “You and that stupid blanket! You’ll be carrying

it around for the rest of your life!

- Linus “That’s not true! I have tremendous will power! Why I

could give up this blanket right today if I had to!

- Lucy “All Right! Let’s see you give it up

TODAY” Ripping it from him.

- Linus “Good grief! What have I done”

- Are we persuaded nothing can separate us from the love of God?

❶ Unpersuaded

- Where are you with your ID with Linus?

- Letting the difficulties of life get the best of us

- Un-surrendered - Displays itself in our Attitudes

- Attitudes of depression, doubt, fear, unbelief, pessimism seep into our soul

- God does not shelter us from the difficulties of life

- Difficulties are allowed for our spiritual growth Rom 5:3-5

- God is in control of all uncontrollables in our life

- Rom 8:28 All things work together for our good

- He gives us power to conquer - Rom 8:36

- This includes what I can’t see, doesn’t make sense or understand,

- Paul was persuaded that nothing could separate him from Christ

- He added ephecises at the end of v. 39

- Love gives convincing & conviction

- Demonstrated by Jesus

- There is no separation from Promises of God

- There is no separation from the Power of God

- Are you convinced of God’s care?

❷ The Persuasion

- Verses 38-39 list 9 things that cannot separate us from the love of God

- (If you include the 3 supernatural powers as 2)

- Nine are listed - Number of finality (The last digit before starting again)

- “FOR” I am persuaded - v.36

- Speaking of what has gone on before

- Christ covers every area of difficulty imaginable

1. Two Absolute States

- Dimensions of time

- Death - Life


- Some things that are supposed to separate us

- To die is gain - we are closer to Christ in death then in life

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