Summary: God dispenses grace to His people when He delivers strong leaders for tough times

Taking The Highway- Route 66: 1 & 2 Chronicles

Follow The Leader: Its more than a game

God dispenses grace to His people when

He delivers strong leaders for tough times

Introduction :

What a difference a week makes. Last week we all were still in shock, denial and numb over the Katrina catastrophe. We were proud to have sent one of our very own Pastors right into the hurricane’s residual wreckage. But we wanted more. There were people down there starving and homeless and jobless and parentless and childless and dying. Rescuers and wannabes didn’t know where to start. The wrecked region needed a leader. President Bush finally got down there and order seemed to follow him. Levees got fixed, flood waters receded, trapped residents were rescued, more food and supplies poured into the swamped south. It wasn’t all because of the President mind you. Much of what took place after the President’s visit happened because leaders decided to step up and lead the rescue and restoration effort. Since that time we have seen the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Samaritans Purse and hundreds of local churches pitch in and help. But only because someone, dozens of men and women of all backgrounds, races and religions decided on a mission stepped up and took the initiative and the lead to fulfill that mission. Since that time we have learned that some leaders were only a hoax, others like Michael Brown the director of FEMA have been dismissed from their duties. Leadership is not any easy task. But during tough times we need a leader. God will never leave His people leaderless. God dispenses His grace to His people by delivering strong leaders for tough times. See Chronicles: David & Solomon

I Chronicles 1:1-2:13

Good leaders come from a variety of frameworks

I Chronicles 11:10-12:40

A leader is a person who has followers

I Chronicles 21:1-17; II Chronicles 9:13-28

Even the best leaders fail yet are forgiven

* Supporting Scripture ONLY for slides:

1 Kings 10:23, 26, 11:1-4; Deuteronomy 17:14-17

I Chronicles 22; 23; 24; 25; 26; 27; 28:2-10

The best leaders offer vision, hope and help for the future

I Chronicles 13:1-6; 16:7-36; 29:10-20

The best leader keeps God’s people focused


4 years ago today I was in Chicago on business. Shortly before 9:00 am an Instructor walked into our room looking as if he had been unexpectedly terminated from his job. When he told us that a second plane had crashed into the Twin Towers in NYC, another jet had severed the walls of the Pentagon and yet another had crashed somewhere near Pittsburgh and terrorism was suspected the group of 30 Allstate employees was quiet our minds toggling between shock, denial and reason. We were numb with a pseudo-paralysis. By night’s end we had accepted the terroristic tragedy and began asking: “what next”? President Bush shouted words of confident resolve through his bullhorn the very next day, Governor Petaki and Mayor Giuliani took charge rallying NYC with words of comfort, praise and challenge. These men showed these same characteristics of David & Solomon. We need leaders. Leaders need followers. What a blessing to know that God dispenses His grace to us when He delivers strong leaders during tough times.

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