Summary: Series of sermons on Proverbs, focus on what it will take to live a good life.

I Want the “Good Life!”

Prov. 1:1-7

Solomon declared he had written his proverbs so that people would know how to live. We need to know how to live life to its fullest. How do we live life to its fullest? Listen the the ways we find the good life.

I. We must be wiling to admit our need for wisdom.

A. Solomon used several terms to describe the wisdom his people needed.

B. There is an almost idolatrous arrogance in our world today.

C. We must acknowledge that we need true wisdom for this life to be meaningful.

II. We must have a teachable heart.

A. Solomon described the wise person in concrete terms.

1. Wise people know how to listen and learn.

2. Wise people know when to get help.

B. If we would be wise, we must be humble.

C. Human pride has destroyed far too many lives: it’s time we learn to learn.

III. We must have reverence for the Lord.

A. True wisdom did not come from a book, Solomon declared.

B. How is it that we think we’ve outgrown God?

C. If we want true wisdom—if we want life to be more than mere existence—we need to recapture a spirit of reverence in our lives.

1. How is it possible to regain our “fear of th Lord?”

2. If you want an easy formula, I’m sorry—I know no “twelve-step program” to the “fear of the Lord.”

3. I do know one key idea though: REMEMBER!

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