Summary: When a need for authentic worship is needed, one can find and discover the biblical answer to real worship in the following principles!

"In A Place Where Two Ways Met..."

Mark 11:1-10


I. Isn’t it funny the words we use to describe what we think is real worship? When standing next to the copy machine at work we might be tempted to say to someone as we describe how the worship service went at Church the previous day was and we might use words like...

packed, loud, exciting, long or emotional!

a. And yet this isn’t what real worship is all about. It’s only the by-product of worship. Yes, worship needs to be packed with attenders, loud to get the attention of the spiritually deaf and emotional to stir the heart of the calloused, but it really isn’t real worship!

If real worship depended on numbers then why did Jesus say, "Where there are two gathered in my name..." Numbers are important but not to real worship.

1. I’ve never discovered a better explanation of what real worship includes and is than Mark’s account of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the worhip that breaks out as a result of it.

What was it that made the difference and what principles can we draw from this that will enable us to worship the way God intends us to?

Main Division

I. There Was Preparation (1-6)

Things had to be made ready. Branches had to be cut, transportation was needed, voices were warming up and the crowd had to be informed. All of this took place behind the scenes long before Jesus made His way into the city. If we are to worship then there must be preparations made. Our hearts need to be on Him before we drive up on the Church parking lot. Maybe, prior to leaving the house, each of us should breathe a prayer of, "God let this be an exciting time at Church and let it begin first with me." We are so often in such a rush to get to wroship no if little preparations are made before we arrive.

II. There Was Participation (7-8)

Everyone was involved. Everyone had something to do. Nothing was left to chance. Everyone was busy and particpating together. I know, not everyone can sing, preach, however, the one thing we all can do to make worship real is, GIVE! Jesus Himself said, "Give and it shall be given unto you..."

III. There Was Praise (9-10)

Once everyone prepared and particpated in making everything ready, the opportunity to praise followed. They had a lot to be proud of. Jesus was coming to town and everyone had a part in the celebration. When we reherse that song, we give that offering, we make prepartions the praise will follow. Our worship needs praise. From the Heavenly Father’s approval to our lifting our voices up for a job well done!

Conclusion: Got Worship?

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