Summary: These sermons rely heavily(I mean HEAVILY) upon John McCarther’s New Testament Commentaries. Only the errors are mine


I. Introduction

A. James begins with common ground

1. Slave to God the Father

2. Slave to God the Son

3. To the Twelve Tribes scattered abroad. (in totality)

4. Not written to Jewish Christians, but Christian Jews

B. Joy

1. Christian joy is not a case of giggles during a period of torment.

2. Joy is founded in Christian Maturity

3. VS 3, testing produces endurance, endurance produces mature Christian faith.

C. Scripture gives 8 reasons for suffering

1. To show us the strength of our faith

a. Reaction to suffering; resentment, bitterness, anger, self -pity, equals weak faith.

b. Turning to God, enduring for Christ sake, equals maturing faith.

2. Humility (Paul’s thorn in the flesh)

3. To wean us from self-reliance, materialism (Jesus fed the 5000)

- Asked Phillip what can you do?

4. Call us to heavenly hope

- Harder the fight, the longer it last, the greater the anticipation of peace

5. To expose our real heart

- What do we really love, what is really important

6. To learn how to value God’s blessings.

7. To develop strength for future battle

8. To prepare for ministry

D. “Consider” is written in the imperitive, joy in trial is not natural

1. Definition of all, pure, unmixed, complete, total

2. Unique, supernatural joy

a. Joy is not in suffering trial

b. Joy is in our faith in God to see us through the trial and suffering.

c. Joy is a matter of your will, not emotion, or feelings

d. Joy is conscious, determined will of commitment by a child of God to submit to god’s will, purpose, and plan

e. Joy is not taking pleasure in the trial, in the knowledge of our deliverance from the trial.

II. Invitation

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