Summary: TRANSFORMED – How God Changes Us Relational Health – Mark chapter 12 verses 29-30 – sermon by Gordon Curley PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

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(1). A relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.

(2). A relationships with other people through the power of the Holy Spirit

(3). A relationships with other people requires awareness through the Word of God

• (3a). Be aware of your priorities.

• (3b). Be aware of problems.

• (3c). Be willing to willing to put to rights broken relationships.



• A little boy fell out of the bed in his sleep.

• His father picked him up and put him back in bed.

• He asked him, "Son, what happened?"

• The little boy responded, "I fell asleep too close to where I got in."


• Sadly that describes too many Christians today;

• They have fallen asleep too close to where they got in.

• They are not in danger of falling out of salvation;

• But they have made no spiritual progress since they were saved.

• That is one reason why we are doing this series called ‘TRANSFORMED’

• Some of us need waking up and moving on in our faith,

• And hopefully these talks and the House Group follow on discussions;

• Will help us do just that!

This morning our topic is ‘Relational Health’:

• If you had to boil the Christian life down into one word what would that word be?

• At the risk of being too simplistic,

• I would suggest that the word would be “Relationships”.


• On one occasion Jesus was asked a question;

• “What is the most important commandment”,

• To the surprise of his listeners;

• Jesus did not quote one of Moses ‘top 10 commandments’,

• Instead he quotes from two other Old Testament books;

• Deuteronomy chapter 6 verse 5 and Leviticus chapter 19 verse 18.

• What he does is summaries the ten commandments.

• First: “Love God with everything”

• Second: “Love your neighbour as yourself”:

• “Love God with everything”

• That summarises the first 4 commandments (upward – us & or dealings with God).

• “Love your neighbour as yourself”:

• That summarizes the other 6 commandments (outward – us & our dealings with others).

• First: A relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.

• Second: Healthy relationships with other people.

(1). A relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.


• In Berlin art gallery is a painting by German painter Adolf Menzel (1815-1905).

• Only partially finished.

• The artist intended to show Fredrick the Great speaking with some of his generals.

• Menzel painted generals and background, left king until last.

• He put the outline of Fredrick in charcoal, but died prior to finishing.

• TRANSITION: Too many Christians come to end of life;

• Without ever having put Christ into his proper place, i.e. centre stage.

• Yet, it need not be that way today!


• Remember God made it a priority to rescue a rebellious world;

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